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May 31, 2007 12:31 PM

Vibrato Grill

Need some info. - going tonight first time...have heard really good things overall but would welcome is the wine list? do they have a corkage (BYOB)? dress? (nice jeans ok? this is still LA) also, and most importantly - menu suggestions?? I know it is the same management as Parkway Grill where I haven't been in ages but remember liking it the few times we ate there - just so long ago that I think they may have even had a different chef then (can't recall)...anything noteworthy to eat besides a steak?

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  1. We went a few months ago and had a nice evening. The food is prepared by the Smith Brothers (Bob and Gregg Smith) who also own Arroyo Chop House and Parkway Grill.

    I'll give you my thoughts:

    Decor: a 10, really nice comfortable atmosphere and the bar is off to one side so unless you sit at a table nearby you don't hear all the chatter;

    Service: a 7, good but nothing exceptional. Waiter didn't seem to know all the menu items and was probably just better than average in service;

    Food: a 8, most of the food was pretty good, but again, not exceptional. My steak was cooked correctly but my friends lamb chops were not cooked to order. I told him to send them back but he didn't want to. I would have! Desserts were pretty good.

    Price: a 4, I thought for the price the food should have been much much better. I know it's a night club and you pay for the enteretainment, but it's definitely not on the cheap side!

    Entertaintment: a 9, we liked the group that was playing (we went early) because they were not blaring, kind of like soft background jazz music. I understand the later shows are much louder. My only complaint was that their breaks were as long a their sets, which meant that through our dinner we only heard a little over one set. You can look at the website (link attached) to see who's playing tonight.

    All in all we had an enjoyable experience, all be it at a high price.

    We also went to Spazio in Sherman Oaks which was much cheaper, just okay food, but better entertainment.