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May 31, 2007 12:28 PM

Commander's Palace, Galatoire's or??

Brigtsen's for one night, which for the second? We're looking for a different experience. I don't want to sit and compare. We were going to do Dick and Jenny's but heard it's closed in July. We want a New Orleans experience, which is why I'm not looking at Stella! or Restaurant August. Would Bayona not be a different enough experience after Brigtsen's? I do want to make reservations, I think (but tell me if I'm wrong), since I looking for a place to go July 4. Thanks.

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  1. Disaster! Brigtsen's is closed the 3rd and 4th. What to substitute? Bayona?

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      Commander's sets the standard when it comes to service and the food is very good. We had a memorable dining experience there...But Restaurant August is amazing! I enjoyed dining at August more then French Laundry and Gary Danko... I know it;s comparing apples to oranges but August is truly a gem!

    2. If you are staying in the Quarter, then Galatoires is my recommendation. They don't take reservations. Be prepared to stand in line. They will let you wait in the upstairs bar, though.

      Commanders is a cab ride. need reservations there, and there is a dress code. Both places have excellent food and good service. Commanders is probably a little pricer.

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        there's a dressy code for galatoire's too.

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          It's hard to imagine a better New Orleans experience than lunch at Galatoire's.

        2. Emeril Lagasse told me his favorite NO restaurant was Clancy's. I must agree but lunch at Galatoire's is not to be missed.

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