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May 31, 2007 12:18 PM

Capital Region - HWFC going downhill?

I hate to even ask this question - is it just me or have things gone downhill at Honest Weight Food Coop? I love the Coop and it's been my primary grocery store for ten years but recently I've had a string of bad experiences. It seems every time I go I bring home something I have to throw away beacuse it's spoiled, moldy, rotten etc. Like a lot of HWFC shoppers I don't live close by and returning the items is really inconvenient (not to mention a big waste of gas).I can't remember this happening in the past. Now I find when I am there I pull my hand back from items, afraid to get them and find them no good when I open them at home. And Price Chopper keeps adding more organic items and I feel guilty about it but I am relying on them more than the Coop, especially when I am short on time. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I'm just unlucky?

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