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May 31, 2007 11:59 AM

SF: $100 for two dinner reccos please....

Need reccos for SF dinner for two around a hundred dollars ((without wine). been to Delphina and Slanted Door already.......

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  1. Delfina is a stretch for that amount for me - would you both get an appetizer, or share? One dessert or two?

    This list of neighborhood spots should get you started - most would fall under your criteria (depending what you order):

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    1. re: Maya

      Share both apps and desserts.....Thanks for the thread you posted BTW....

    2. My husband and I really like Firefly on 24th St. in the Noe Valley. The food is delicious and you can easily pay under $100 for two, especially if you go on Sun-Thurs, when any appetizer, entree and dessert plus coffee or tea is $35. There may be a surcharge for one of the items, but the check for two should still be under $100 dollars, and you won't have to share either the dessert or the appetizer.

      1. My favorites in that price range are Incanto and Zuni.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Since you are sharing some plates, Zuni has a wonderful chicken for two dish.

        2. Chapeau! - $38 for amuse, appetizer, entree and desert.

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            La Ciccia or Range. Both are great for food, service and wine and $100 will get you plenty at both.

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              Ditto on Chapeau. If you go from 5-6pm Sun or Tues-Thurs, you can get the early prix fixe for $25.50.

            2. Firenze by Night in North Beach. Azie in Soma. Frascati in Russian Hill. Kokkari in Jackson Square.

              Share apps and dessert, and any will feed you well for $100.