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May 31, 2007 11:51 AM

Crush 29 in Roseville,CA

Has anyone been there yet? I am going on the 9th for dinner and wondered if it's good. The menu looks nice. Mind you, we, my boyfriend and I are young and haven't been to too many extravagant places. So if it is a decent restaurant, that's fine.

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  1. haven't been but sure does look good. Here is the website

    1. We finally went there on Saturday night for our anniversary dinner and had a wonderful time. The service was great. Our server, Kristin was pleasant, acocmodating, knowledgable and just an all-around great server! We had made the reservations a month ago and we were glad we did. Since they opened in January, they are non-stop busy.
      The extrerior is very welcoming with large comfy couches greeting you as you walk in. The decor is very modern and open. Pale woods and stone grace the floors and walls with large sandy beige murals of Wine Country above them. In the center of the restaurant is a large circular bar area. (see pic below) On each side of the main dining are are two rooms. Both have smaller intimate tables and a wine rack on each wall. The one room features a wine celler for soon-to-be members of their wine club, where you bring your own bottle of wine for a fee. Like a country club for wines. The other room too is more intimate but features the wine rack room with the restaurants very many selections (great california selections BTW), but that room can be draped close for parties, meetings, etc and it features a flat screen plasma TV. Also there is a sound proof room off of that that is similar and has its own patio for cigar smoking (CA...)
      They have a retail store/espresso bar off the restaurant that features many of the California wines, chesses and accessories.
      If you are a wine buff, this is your place.
      Oh and every month, they pick a California Winery and partner with them. The winery sends out their chef who teaches them a recipe that works great with two wines that he too picked out as the wones of the month for that winery and for Crush 29. This month was Mondavi Winery.
      About the food: Asian infusion
      We had the lamb tenderloin "lollipops". These were so flavorfula nd so tender and juicy. They rested on a dollop of I think gingered sweet potatoes. I normally hate sweet potatoes but these rocked! I think they may have miso in them too.
      For an entree, I had the filet mignon, which I ordered rare (how else?) and it was perfect. They were served with a wild porcini cream sauce (very delicate and not overpowering and NOT served on the meat, which is great.) and alos with garlic smashed potatoe but I think those also had a hint of ginger. these were served with very thin, lightly breaded onion strings and very nicely done asparagus.
      I had a glass of Mondavi 2004 Chardonnay. I know I should have had red but it gives me headaches and it actually went very nice with my dinner.
      My boyfriend had their famous "Drunken Brandy Steak, " which is very thinly sliced flank steak that has been soaked in a top-shelf brandy for 24 hours and then grilled to perfection. He had his med-rare. (wuss.) His dish was truly wonderful. It came also with porcini mushrooms but his were glazed in a balsamic reduction of some sorts. Such a unique combination with the brandied steak. Also, this was served with the aformentioned smashed potatoes and asparagus. My boyfirend thought the asparagus was a little too al dente for him but I thought it too was a little too crisp but still it retained a wonderful spring-like taste.
      He had the Mondavi merlot with his steak and we both agreed the spokiness of the wine did wonders with his dish.

      As it was an Anniversay dinner date (a little early for us but that's a long story) we ordered a dessert to share. We told our server Kristin, who informed the Sous chef. (the Executive Chef Irie was already gone for the evening) We got to speak with him and he was not only extremely polite (it was a busy Saturday night) but very charming as well. They sent us not only the Creme Brulee (the BEST BRULEE I've ever had) but also a serving of the Oreo Cheesecake. Both were wonderful but we were stuffed and took them home.

      All in all, a really wonderful time. My only complaints: it was a little too loud for a truly intimate dinner and the timing was a smidge off but they did just open and are still working out those "bugs."

      If you are ever in the Sacramento/Roseville area, I definitely recommend it. However, as I said, you may need reservartions.

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        Very nice write up, thanks for that....