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Refrigerator Pickles

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Okay, so I'm new to this "canning or jarring" gig. And I've got a beautiful cuke at home just waiting to become beautiful relish of sorts....

I made some pickles last summer with a friends recipe, thing is I loathe green peppers - which were in it. So I replaced them with red peppers (which I love) and a couple weeks later had pink pickles. They sure tasted yummy, just wondering if there might be another version out there that works better for me.

I'm open to whatever - my first batch was made with a pickle seasoning mix.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Do you have the Ball cookbook? This was recommended by many people here so I bought it, but then I had kids and time for things like canning went out the window :-)


    1. Jacques Pepin had a very simple recipe for quick, refrigerator pickles that I made a few years ago.....if my memory is correct the formula is about 2 parts sugar to 1 part vinegar with a tablespoon (or less) of salt. Put sliced cucumbers into a jar, add the mixture, refrigerate and in a few hours you have your pickles.

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        thanks chris and gio. i appreciate it...might just go experiment with the advice above.

      2. You should also take a look at Alton Brown's "kinda sorta sours". Really easy and good.

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          I have made pickles with sugar, vinegar, mustard seed, dill, whole garlic cloves, and I think some onion. It was a mix between Alton and some other recipes I say.

        2. The Boston Globe ran an article this past week about homemade pickled vegetables. They also had a recipe for pickled asparagus. I'm intrigued but haven't come even close to starting the process.



          1. I've made this Jean-George Vongerichten recipe for saffron cucumber refrigerator pickles, and they're delicious, with a different, more delicate flavor than most pickles.