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May 31, 2007 11:47 AM

Are there any other Cheese-centric restaurants?

...Other than Artisanal? I've been there and not crazy about the set up/ambiance. Looking for something else with an equal breadth of selection.

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  1. Its sister restaurant Picholine

    1. Picholine is the restaurant that put cheese on the NYC map, so to speak, and is, of course, the "mother" restaurant of Artisanal. At Picholine, there's a specially-built cheese cave, and their world famous cheese expert, Max McCalman, is usually on the premises.

      Edited to add: When the entire restaurant was recently refurbished, they added a wine and cheese bar.

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        I thought Picholine's then cheese honcho (Max McClaman?) left picholine to help open Artisanal.

      2. Otto, Tarralucci e Vino, Winebar & Riposo46 all have some but probably not to the extent you might be looking for...

        1. Casellula which just opened. But if you're looking for a full menu as well then neither that nor Riposo works.