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May 31, 2007 11:23 AM

Good eats near Allentown

My husband and I will be visiting family in the Allentown area this Saturday and are looking for a good spot for lunch or dinner. Our exact location will be in Beringsville (not Allentown proper, but right outside of the city, near Yocco's). We are willing to go anywhere in the area or stop anywhere on the way to (or from) the Philly suburbs. We are open to anything good, local (far too many chains in the area). Nice atmosphere is a must (outdoor patio would be great). Trying to keep the total cost below $50 for both of us, since we both enjoy drinking, I'm thinking a BYO is the way to go. Any suggestions?

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  1. AmblerGirl, I'm not sure which way you're heading (Turnpike or other roads).

    Cravings Cafe in NW for BYOB. I have no idea what their Saturday hours are.

    In Perkasie, there's a pretty good little Italian place with an outdoor patio called Basile's Italian Ristorante. I'm pretty sure they are BYOB and the food is always tasty.

    If you're going turnpike, you can get off at the Quakertown exit, where you won't be far from the Spinnerstown Hotel.
    Not a BYOB, but I've heard good things about the food.

    I admit, I have no idea where Beringsville is, unless you mean Breinigsville? West of Allentown on 222?

    Good luck, I hope you get more suggestions...I'm having a hard time thinking up BYOBs on the way!

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      Good catch, Queen B... I totally mucked up the spelling of Breinigsville!

      We typically take the turnpike when we visit out that way but we are flexible and can also take other roads. We'll often hit a winery (or two or three....) when we are out that way. Pinnavle Ridge and Vyncrest are always a fun diversion! We've stopped at the Farmhouse in Emmaus a few times (I know, not exactly in that area but a bit of a side trip) and love it. But it is so expensive... even just for appetizers and drinks at the bar!

    2. i grew up in allentown and this is my favorite place, but it's not byo.

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      1. If you want a really good burger, onion rings, soups, etc. for lunch try Werts Cafe on 18th Street in Allentown. It's very good.

        1. Louie's Italian restaurant in Allentown is BYOB and they have a patio. The food is tasty red sauce Italian and the atmosphere is pretty casual. This would definitely fall into your price range. By the way, don't skip dessert--they have great sweets!

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            I've always like Louie's as well.

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              Louie's is great! Definitely try it if you have the chance.

          2. It will cost you more than $50 for two, but I would highly recommend the Savory Grille. It's just a bit south of Allentown in Macungie, and in my opinion, one of the best restaurants in the area.


            You will most likely need a reservation on a Saturday.

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            1. re: Greg P.

              I agree with Greg P. Great restaurant!