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Good grub in Tacoma?

Heading to Tacoma next week - what's tasty? We'll need lunch and dinner, interested in old favorites and anything new and wonderful (we'll probably do one nice dinner), hoping to skip chain food altogether.

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  1. FP, Tacoma is actually gaining stature as a Chowhound destination. Avoid the waterfront traps like Shennanigans, etc. (They are Sysco infested dreck) Suggestions for lunch: The Matador (Tex-Mex), El Compadre` (real Mexican, not Azteca) the Pick Quick Drive In (Fife) and Sapporo (Japanese, Fife.) Dinner: Il Fiasco (Italian), Asado (Argentinian steak, etc.) Europa (Italian) Stadium Bistro (European eclectic) Indochine (Asian Fusian) and the Primo Grill. With any of the dinner suggestions you'll need reservations. All are worthy of a Chowhound and hold their own in Puget Sound's culinary offerings.

    1. Don't know if this is chowhound enough, but I love lunch at Southern Kitchen. Fried catfish, hush puppies, collard greens, and the best mango lemonade. Just a short drive from downtown Tacoma.


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        ceester, Sorry I forgot one of Tacoma's best breakfast-lunch-dinner destinations. I love their catfish as well. Good suggestion.

      2. Thanks, folks - this is a super start!

        1. Was there last week myself. Our group haped upon Elmers Pancake House. Can't beat their German pancake, which I had. No one else complained about their meals. 7427 So. Hosmer Tacoma (253) 473-0855 YUM!

          1. Enjoyed steak at Gaucho's as well as cigars.

            1. Primo Grill and Asado are both great. Skip Masa, owned by the Asado people. Very bland and they seem to be trying a little too hard.

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                We ate at Asado last night and were very impressed. It's definitely a good addition to the somewhat sparse Tacoma restaurant scene. Cocktails were good, food was great (I had the ceviche and the flatiron steak with poblano polenta), service was good, and although it was loud, it wasn't painfully so. Prices were in the $15-$30 range and you don't leave hungry. We'll definitely be going back.

              2. The words "good grub" and Tacoma should not be used in the same sentence.

                1. I know it's too late now, but next time you're in Tacoma, Sakura Japanese Steakhouse (3630 S Cedar St) is another really good option. The decor is a bit sad, and it is always smoky (from the cooking, not from smoking) but the food is great.