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May 31, 2007 10:58 AM

Help: Need alternative to Alex for fancy dinner

Four of us are going to Vegas in July and wanted to schedule one fancy dinner on the Strip. In the past, we have been to Picasso (very good), Le Cirque (very disappointing), Aqua (very good), Fleur de Lys (very good food, but bad wine pairings hurt the meal), L'Atelier (excellent), and Renoir (amazing). Having loved the latter, we had planned to go to Alex, but when I just tried to make my reservation, I found out that Alex is closed for a week vacation.

So now I need alternatives. We traditionally dress up for the fancy dinner during our trip, so B&B, while intriguing, might be too casual. Also, we are from Los Angeles, so we did not want to go to any of the outlets of LA restuarants (e.g. Valentino, Nobu), and we would like to skip the Wolfgang Puck restaurants, as one of the members of our group often works with Puck and, therefore, eats regularly at his restaurants. I suspect that Guy Savoy and The Mansion are just too far outside the price range, since we probably do not want to exceed $200 per person.

Oh, and to make it more difficult, we need a place that has vegetarian options or will do tasting menus for the table while accommodating one person that is vegetarian and another who does not eat red meat.

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    1. Bradley Ogden is worth a perusal based on the ability to put something together for the vegetarian in your group - we have had some vegetarian tasting menu's in the past that have been outstanding. Because of their focus on that aspect of their operation (they can usually tell you the particular farm on which each vegetable was grown) they are near the top of our list for nights such as that. And there is enough variety on the rest of the menu to possibly suit your group as well.