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May 31, 2007 10:52 AM


has anyone been? how is the garden outside?

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  1. I went about a year ago or more, I guess, so my comments may be a bit dated. It wasn't quite warm enough to sit outside, so I can't speak about the garden (although rumor has it, it's great) but I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. They have a nice wine list and menu and I remember the service being excellent. We were a party of 6 and we were not rushed, crowded or ignored. I'd definitely go back and now that I'm writing this...sooner rather than later.

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      We went a few weeks ago and really liked it. It's in our neighborhood, and I'm not sure how we overlooked it for so long. We also ate inside, and it's an attractive, long, narrow room with a sort of vaguely nautical feel -- porthole-like mirrors. The food was quite good, and the Swiss female manager who was working behind the bar made great drinks. I had the gnocchi with pistachio pesto as a starter, and it was very good. Can't totally remember my main -- a halibut crusted with some sort of nuts? It was also tasty.

    2. i just went last night. it's a lovely garden - clean, with a few big communal tables and then 2 or 4-tops around the periphery.

      service is really friendly, if a bit distracted, but i can't think of anywhere casual enough to eat outside where that isn't the case.

      food is simple and pretty straightforward, but it hit the spot. antipasti platter had some nice olives and higher-quality prosciutto than you usually find at this sort of place.

      my table had pasta for our mains - mostly the carbonara which was pretty faithfully done and not too heavy or creamy and then a penne with asparagus and anchovy butter.

      wine list was straightforward and limited, but we had a nice pinot bianca from alto adige.

      i'll definitely back (and not just for the bar scene late on weekends, which is usually pretty fun)

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        so the garden is not for couples? mostly large tables for groups?

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          either would be happy. there was a huge group (15+) there last night, a few 4s afew 3s and maybe 5 pairs. it's a really casual and comfotable place that could be romantic or just chill, depending on your company.

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            whats the nightlife/bar scence that everyone talks about?