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May 31, 2007 09:42 AM

Jeffrey Chodorow Has Lost His Marbles [moved from Manhattan board]

The critics don't like his restaurants, therefore they're idiots. Nice, Chodorow, nice.

Also, there is CERTAINLY such a thing as too many options. We go to restaurants for well thought out, well composed flavors. I don't want to mix and match, certainly not when there's 12 sauces to choose from.

Also, since when is the Pacific NW an undiscovered culinary region? Ay yay yay...

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  1. It's so sad. Maybe he should just stop reading what the critics write? I've never actually been to one of his restaurants, so I can't say anything about the food. Have you?

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    1. re: jmo9

      I'd been to Tuscan Steak twice. Actually, no... three times. Only once was the cost my meal coming out of my own pocket. Still felt robbed all three times though The food was adequate, I suppose. I just feel like you're paying more to support his outsized ego than anything else.

    2. Come ON, Chowhound! This is obviously more relevant to Manhattan than to Food Media and News.

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      1. re: Odelay101

        1. Blogs about food are considered media - hence, I would assume, the move to Food Media & News.

        2. China Grill Mgmt. has restaurants all over the world - London, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Mexico City, etc.. So it's not just NYC-centric.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          1. Agreed, but I'm not talking about the blog. I'm talking about info I gleaned from it. That's a source, not a subject.

          2. This is a stronger argument. I though Chodorow was more NYC-centric than he actually is...

      2. I haven't been to Wild Salmon, but I have been to some of his other place, and as a Seattlite, I have been Ray's Boat House (where Wild Salmon's chef comes from) many times, and the reviews Chodorow links to seem to suggest that the restaurant hits the nail on the head of what an upscale Northwest fish house would be like. Many of them do offer the options of different cooking methods and some offer different sauces. We like our salmon cooked the way we like it, and with the flavors we like.

        I also have to agree with Chodorow that any restaurant critic who can't taste the difference between sockeye and king has no business writing about food.