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May 31, 2007 09:38 AM

El Super Taco: now with fish tacos, ensenada-stylee...

Heya... On the way to band rehearsal last night, I noticed that El Super Taco (in the former Mama Voula space) now displays a big banner offering 'Fish Tacos - Ensenada style'. I'd read a few reviews on this board that were lukewarm at best regarding El Super Taco, mainly in regard to the perceived low quality of the meat. Has anybody tried their fish tacos, and if I may display my ignorance and ask, does 'ensenada-style' mean crunchy fried fish, or unadorned grilled fish?? I would like to try the crunchy fish taco version that many here laud at other locales, and if ensenada-style translates to crunchy fish with shredded cabbage and lime or some such, I'm on board. Thanks in advance for any elucidation...

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  1. They have always served these fish tacos, which are fried. I personally do not really like Super taco, and I think Bandini is wrong to rate Super taco as one of the best on the westside. Tacos Por Favor is much better IMHO. The fish is good in the taco but the dressing is not creme fraiche. It seems more like mayonaise which i dont think is authentic in my experience. I will admit that Tacos Por Favor's fish taco is also not authentic as they use lettuce instead of cabbage, but I do think it is better.

    1. The fish tacos are good but not great. (The fish is fried) That said, I think El Super Taco is among the best on the Westside. Their al pastor is out of this world.

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        Whoops. The FISH is fried (not the fist, I hope)

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          I am a big El Super Taco fan, and I agree that their al pastor is good. The things that keep me coming are the habanero salsa (a little mixed with their regular salsa roja really kicks it up), the grilled onions they serve accompanying the tacos, and the price. Must admit that my last time there, the carne asada was grey, gristly, and awful. I usually get a trifecta (asada, al pastor, and carnitas) but the al pastor is always the highlight.

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            unfortunately my first experience at el super taco ended in carne asada misery. bah!

        2. I have had good El Super Taco experiences. I just tried their fish tacos today, and they were delicious in my opinion! I had two—and one carne asada and al pastor. They were hot, fresh, and crispy/light! The cabbage and bits of tomato was really good on top with several big squirts of lime. Yummm...