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May 31, 2007 09:23 AM

Outback Steakhouse

I went there for the 1st time this week in Mississauga... will not go back...I shoulda known better, but it was not my choice.

Great (but bad) onion bloom.
Awful house salad
Bland tasteless chewy Sirloin (supposed to be their special) (No char marks either where's the grill?)
OK garlic mashed potatoes
No microbrews
No Cabernet by the glass (is it a steakhouse or what!)

Keg and Earl's do it much better for chains

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  1. I haven't been very impressed with the ones in Canada, either. My first Outback was in the US near Ocean City (ugh), and as a visitor to the states, I was amazed when they asked how I wanted my burger. I took it medium rare and it was superb. Sadly, the well burgers at Outbacks up here in Canada are mediocre at best.

    1. I've been to Outback several times and have much the same opinion - it is edible, but not something I would choose.

      1. When I lived in ID, Outback was one of the "nicest" restaurants in town. I ate there frequently. Their caesar salad is very good. Probably one of my favorites, but I'm in love with garlic. It comes out of your pores for a week after the caesar at Outback! Their filet is okay. Never order soup. It's horrible.

        1. It's amazing how many people rave about that Blooming Onion. To me it's just salt and grease, and not in the good way like McD's fries.

          1. We seem to get Outback gift certificates a lot. I think people around here consider it a special occasion restaurant.

            Actually, given my extremely low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the bread. The filet was cooked as I ordered and inoffensive in flavor and texture. They had Francis Coppola Diamond Series Claret by the glass...a very solid wine. I've had WAY worse.