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May 31, 2007 09:11 AM

Scathing review of Bondi (SD)

Wow, she went to town on these guys. Comments?

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  1. My galpals had a terrible weeknight (i.e. they weren't busy) experience and they are not that picky of eaters. It also involved upselling of drinks and bringing and charging them for drinks they did not want or order. But the swinging chairs sure look really cool.

    1. Is this in the building where Aubergine used to be?

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      1. re: bythenumbers

        I don't think so - I believe Aubergine was on 4th, over by Chive.

        1. re: bythenumbers

          Aubergine is still around--they had their 3 year anniversary party a few weeks ago. The sliders & drinks were actually tasty.

        2. Please share your thoughts on the chow at Bondi, but discussion of critics is off topic on this board. A digression on that topic has been moved to the Food Media & News board at