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May 31, 2007 08:49 AM

Pietro's 17th & Walnut - question about seating

We will be five people meeting in Philadelphia at Pietro's (17th & Walnut location) at 5:00 pm June 16th - prior to a 7:00 Drexel graduation. Graduates cuisine choice. They don't accept reservations for less than 6 people. I am thinking that at such a riduculously early hour we should be seated right away (we pretty much have to be) but the helpful gent who answered their phone said he could not comment on whether they are likely to be busy at that hour on a Saturday. Anyway, I'm hoping for some locals to confirm my gut feeling on this. We are, of course on a very strict schedule and just wanting some piece of mind.

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  1. It's a real temptation to make a reservation for 6, and then apologize for one cancellation after you have the table. Should not be crowded at that hour, but with a graduation, all bets are off.

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      At 5 PM? You will be fine. The restaurant is enormous and I am sure you will not have a problem...and Drexel is not "next door" so that should not be an issue.

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        I lived across the street for 7 years and it is a pretty busy place, especially in summer. Wouldn't hurt to arrive a few minutes early.