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May 31, 2007 08:26 AM

Am I moving to a chow wasteland?

My husband wants to move to the Sykesville/Eldersburg area out in Carroll County. Currently, we live in Severn, so we are very close to Hanover, Gambrills, Laurel, etc. Are there any decent places out in that part of town, or will we be coming to Columbia and Ellicott City for good food?

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  1. There are a few gems around but still a little bit of a drive for some. Certainly not Annapolis/Severn, but...

    In Westminster there is the Frisco family Pub for crab and crabcakes (not much ambiance but great crabs I am from Annapolis and believe me they compare).

    Hoffman's has good ice cream.

    Rudy's 2900 is really good especially if they still have their lobster pot pie.

    As I remember there is a really good italian restuarant in Westminster I can't recall the name... sorry went to college here and I am trying to recall.

    Harry's isn't bad, it isn't what I would consider fine cuisine but it is great for a weeknight dinner. I recall they had good chicken quesidilla, soup and lots of other stuff.

    There is a Bill Bateman's in Reisterstown so if you are coming from Severn you can still get your wings.

    Antrim 1844 is really nice and has great food.

    I can't remember if Liberatore's was really good or not anyone been lately?

    Baughers for pie, especially when they had coconut cream pie.

    Anyway there are a few to start you off I was only there a couple years and was a broke college kid so perhaps some other people know of some better stuff. Plus if you are there it would probably be quicker to drive to Baltimore ot Towson then to Columbia and Ellicot City just an fyi from experience.

    1. There is one very lovely place in Sykesville in a restored railroad station, I think it is called Baldwin's Station. It is new American food prepared by a trained chef, but at reasonable prices. I have not been there though in a few years, so I don't know how it has been lately.

      1. Sykesville/Eldersburg isn't the end of the world really...
        Amantes on Liberty Road is very good
        Baldwins Restaurant in Sykesville is an option
        You ain't that far from Westminster
        Paradiso is a very good Italian restaurant
        Maggies is also very good
        Johanssens is another quality restaurant
        Libartores in both Eldersburg and Westminster(We Prefer Westminster

        Reisterstown is a quick drive for
        Harryman House
        Mia Carolina
        Plus the Chains in Owings Mills
        Red Robin

        1. Baldwin Station is ok in Sykesville. Harryman House in Reisterstown is decent. Other than that you may need to come into Baltimore for decent food.