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May 31, 2007 07:55 AM

Another new resturant - CJ Montana's Shrewsbury

Anyone here anything about this CJ Montana's opening soon in Shrewsbury??? It is opening on Shrewsbury Ave where a brick oven pizza place used to be. It looks like it is going to be a steak place.

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  1. I wonder if it's the Aleo Pizza Cafe location. I really wish something would succeed in that location. I liked Aleo a lot and was disappointed when it closed because it's very convenient to our home.

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    1. re: fershore

      Yea that's the spot! I couldn't remember the name. It wasn't there very long and I hadn't tried it yet.

      1. re: Jen_in_NJ

        Where did you hear about it opening as CJ Montana's?

        1. re: fershore

          I saw it on the sign when I was at a stoplight. They have a website, but nothing but an address to send a reume on it.

      2. re: fershore

        Your so right about sometime succeeding eonly thing that ever really worked was the orginal Airport Inn.

        1. re: fershore

          Is this place on the corner of Apple St. and Shrewsbury Ave.? I remember two places that formerly occupied that spot...the American Pizza Kitchen and an awful place called Brix 520 that lasted only a few months due to the terrible service...good sushi menu but it took forever to be seated and it was a good 40 minutes before a server came by to take your order...and this was at lunch! Wasn't sorry to see that one go. :)

          1. re: MartiniQueen

            Interesting, your comment about Brix. My daughter and I had one very good lunch there, and I don't recall any problems with service. The sister restaurant in Summit, Brix 67, is still in business. I've never been there.

            1. re: RGR

              I too had several good meals at Brix and was shocked when they closed because they did a good business. I've since heard that the owner was pocketing the profits, not paying taxes or bills.

        2. Gourmet Cafe which is located in Eatontown will be moving to Shrewsbury in September. CJ Montana's is the new name.

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          1. re: JAF

            Is the Gourmet Cafe in the little strip mall just past Wendy's?

            1. re: Jen_in_NJ

              Depends which way you are heading. It is right across the street from Eatontown TV. If you are heading south on Hwy 35 then it is in a small strip mall and I believe it is just past Wendy's and Subway.

              1. re: Jen_in_NJ

                Yes, in the strip mall where Eatontown playhouse is located.

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