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Another new resturant - CJ Montana's Shrewsbury

Jen_in_NJ May 31, 2007 07:55 AM

Anyone here anything about this CJ Montana's opening soon in Shrewsbury??? It is opening on Shrewsbury Ave where a brick oven pizza place used to be. It looks like it is going to be a steak place.

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  1. fershore RE: Jen_in_NJ May 31, 2007 08:19 AM

    I wonder if it's the Aleo Pizza Cafe location. I really wish something would succeed in that location. I liked Aleo a lot and was disappointed when it closed because it's very convenient to our home.

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    1. re: fershore
      Jen_in_NJ RE: fershore May 31, 2007 08:42 AM

      Yea that's the spot! I couldn't remember the name. It wasn't there very long and I hadn't tried it yet.

      1. re: Jen_in_NJ
        fershore RE: Jen_in_NJ May 31, 2007 09:56 AM

        Where did you hear about it opening as CJ Montana's?

        1. re: fershore
          Jen_in_NJ RE: fershore May 31, 2007 10:32 AM

          I saw it on the sign when I was at a stoplight. They have a website, but nothing but an address to send a reume on it.

      2. re: fershore
        RobertinRedBank RE: fershore May 31, 2007 01:28 PM

        Your so right about sometime succeeding fershore......th eonly thing that ever really worked was the orginal Airport Inn.

        1. re: fershore
          MartiniQueen RE: fershore May 31, 2007 03:49 PM

          Is this place on the corner of Apple St. and Shrewsbury Ave.? I remember two places that formerly occupied that spot...the American Pizza Kitchen and an awful place called Brix 520 that lasted only a few months due to the terrible service...good sushi menu but it took forever to be seated and it was a good 40 minutes before a server came by to take your order...and this was at lunch! Wasn't sorry to see that one go. :)

          1. re: MartiniQueen
            RGR RE: MartiniQueen May 31, 2007 09:07 PM

            Interesting, your comment about Brix. My daughter and I had one very good lunch there, and I don't recall any problems with service. The sister restaurant in Summit, Brix 67, is still in business. I've never been there.

            1. re: RGR
              fershore RE: RGR Jun 1, 2007 07:01 AM

              I too had several good meals at Brix and was shocked when they closed because they did a good business. I've since heard that the owner was pocketing the profits, not paying taxes or bills.

        2. j
          JAF RE: Jen_in_NJ Jun 2, 2007 07:03 AM

          Gourmet Cafe which is located in Eatontown will be moving to Shrewsbury in September. CJ Montana's is the new name.

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          1. re: JAF
            Jen_in_NJ RE: JAF Jun 2, 2007 08:26 AM

            Is the Gourmet Cafe in the little strip mall just past Wendy's?

            1. re: Jen_in_NJ
              JAF RE: Jen_in_NJ Jun 2, 2007 11:33 AM

              Depends which way you are heading. It is right across the street from Eatontown TV. If you are heading south on Hwy 35 then it is in a small strip mall and I believe it is just past Wendy's and Subway.

              1. re: Jen_in_NJ
                tom porc RE: Jen_in_NJ Jun 3, 2007 12:45 AM

                Yes, in the strip mall where Eatontown playhouse is located.

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