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May 31, 2007 07:40 AM

Lowell Restaurant That Serves a Burger with A Fried Egg on Top?

I may have asked this before, but what is the restaurant in Lowell that serves a burger with a fried egg on top? Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure which restaurant in Lowell, but there is a Brazilian bakery in Lowell that serves them (can't think of the name it), might be on Gorham Street though.
    There is another Brazilian place in Somerville on the lower part of Broadway that does a good job with them too (I can't think of that name either). Maybe someone else will help with the names.

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    1. re: Infomaniac

      I wonder if it's Arthur's Paradise Diner? Has anyone been there? I know they have that crazy sandwich that has fries IN it, rather than as a side order.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        I know Arthur's does a breakfast sandwich called the Boot Mill with homefries in it.

    2. The Brazilian Rest. on Gorham st. is called Oasis Grll but I haven't had the burger with an egg on top before. I haven't been to Arthur's Paradise Diner but heard great things about it, and yes crazy menu (heart attack menu). :-) Is this an ethnic restaurant you're looking for? I know Lowell's dining pretty well.

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        It wasn't Oasis Grill, I'm positive about that. It was a bakery, and not the Portuguese bakery's thats near Oasis. I need to take a ride though Lowell again soon.

      2. Romeo and Juliet, a little Brazilian lunch cart on South St. definitely has one. It is called the x-tudo, and also has ham, cheese, corn and peas, and potato sticks. I can't say I have ever had one sober, but they are pretty damn awesome after a couple of cocktails. I don't know if this is the place you are thinking of, it does sell a lot of cakes and pastries, but I wouldn't call it a bakery. It is between Appleton and Middlesex St's in downtown.

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          I think thats the place, and I'm going to take a drive by next week. Now that you mention x-tuod with tthe potato sticks, thats sound right.
          I'm also going to check out that place for falafel you mentioned too in the other post. Thank you so very much.

        2. Boy that topic brought back some memories. It's quite common in Australia to get a burger with a fried egg. Besides all the usual toppings of lettuce, cheese and tomato, it also has beetroot ( sliced pickled beets over here ) and a slice of pineapple. Fantastic!

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          1. re: tunapet

            pineapple is genius... crazy concept on a burger...

          2. I found it! The place is called the Old Court Irish Pub and Restaurant, and it's on Central Street. We almost went the other day, but ended up at Elliot's instead.

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            1. re: hiddenboston

              I know where Old Court Irish Pub is. I never thought about it place for food, mostly beer and entertainment. I'll have to check it out sometime.