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Oct 22, 2005 07:30 PM

Hung Tao Yee Fu Won Ton

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Use to be able to get this in Chinatown - deep fried pork filled wonton in a thick broth with slivers of Virginia ham, slivers of black mushrooms, fresh onion and cilantro sprinkled over the top. haven't had it for over 25 years. Where oh where?

Also Sau See Gay Gone Low Mein? anyone?

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  1. I'm so embarassed, I"m chinese grew up in HK and I've never heard of these things!!

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    1. re: faye

      Here's a link to my post on the two yee fu won ton dishes at Lee Hou on Clement. I've also had them at Kirin on Geary in SF, but I think Lee Hou's version is better.

      The gon lo mein dish I'm not familiar with. Does it have hand-shredded chicken? It's hard to get gon lo mein braised with sauce any more without some negotiation.


    2. I can understand the first request but not the second.

      This won ton dish is available at many places in Chinatown just ask for it. I normally get mine at Mr. Fong's in Foster City.

      The second sound like chicken salad low mein which I have never heard of.

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        I like to get the hung tao yee fu won ton at Tai Wu in Foster City. It's in a crab flavored thick broth and each won ton has a whole shrimp in it. Will have to try Tai Wu's affiliated Mr Fong's next time.

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        1. re: hueydeweylouie

          They are own by the same people. The Chinese names are just about the same.

        2. Chinatown and Chinese restaurants in general obviously are not what they used to be. The old favorite dishes, whereas they are not featured as commonly as in the past, are by no means extinct. For example, I still see them in the Richmond and Sunset restaurants in the City. Rather than denying myself the pleasure of these dishes, I continue to indulge in yee fu won ton (both hung tao or opp gung versions), sow see gai (three times in the last two weeks), and gone lo won ton (oyster sauce beef and ginger) by preparing them at home. The only difficut one (opp gung yee fu won ton), relatively speaking, is but only due to getting a steady supply of good roast duck with ample roast duck juice. Try making them yourself at home!

          1. Here in the East Bay they offer it at Golden Dynasty on San Pablo in El Cerrito