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May 31, 2007 07:15 AM

Best Bagels - Middlesex/Monmouth County

What does everyone feel are the best bagels in Middlesex and Monmouth counties?
They really are tough to come by sometimes.

I really like Bagel Giant in East Brunswick- esp their energy bagels.

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  1. So glad you did this--I'm looking for some better bagel places in Monmouth County!

    Right now I usually get mine from Wegman's actually, especially the flaxseed.

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    1. re: veganish

      The best I've found are from Terrace Bagel rte 9 North in Freehold right across the highway from TGIF.

      1. re: Eric in NJ

        I get my bagels from Terrace as well. I don't think the bagels are great (they are on the chewy side), but much better than anything else in the area. The cinnamon raisin bagels are particularly good there.

    2. I've been spoiled by great bagels from a place near my in-laws' in Long Island. The best bagels I've found in northern Monmouth are at a deli/bagel store in Ursula Plaza in Long Branch. I couldn't have been more surprised.

      1. I lIke Bagel World on Rt. 9 North in Manalapan.

        Veganish is right about Wegmans, they have pretty good bagels, too!

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        1. re: Angelina

          I prefer whole foods to the wegmans bagels though, little bigger although Wegmans other breads are incredible.

          I will always miss Merlin's Bagels that used to be in West Long Branch in the shoprite plaza.

        2. I live in Eatontown. In my area when I go for Bagels I usually head to Master Bagels (Eatontown/Shrewsbury) or Grandma's (Little Silver). Gotta love Grandma's Bagels.

          1. Bagel Oven or the Bagel Station both on Monmouth Street, Red Bank. Oven is east of Rt. 35 and the Station west.