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May 31, 2007 07:05 AM

T & T shopping report

Just happened to stop in at T&T (Bathurst north of Steeles) yesterday - originally to pick up some takeout sushi but I ended up buying a whole bunch of other stuff too. Chowhounds might want to note the following bargains: rib eye roast for $3.98 lb.; frozen whole ducks (a good size - can't remember how big but they weren't scrawny ones) for $9.98 each; small canteloupe-sized seedless watermelons for .68 each; very fresh green beans (can't remember price but they were cheap); and some other stuff I don't recall exactly. I also noticed but did not buy frozen lamb shanks that were packaged 6 per bag much cheaper than anywhere else and frozen lamb legs also for an excellent price.

It's a very dangerous store, even if you're not all that much into strictly Asian cooking.

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  1. Thanks Nyleve, sounds deliciously dangerous. Waiting impatiently for the Cherry Street Store to open.

    Do they carry any Japanese ingredients?

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    1. re: Mila

      T&T usually carries a reasonable range of Japanese staples, though some of the larger Korean stores carry more variety and depth.

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        Mila, do you know when the Cherry St. store is schedule to open. I love T&T, they have some pretty good stuff at the Steeles/Warden store. On the weekends, there is a vegetarian platter that is very good.....

      2. T&T sometimes has some good specials, but overall their stuff is a bit pricier than other chinese grocery stores. It's well presented and generally cleaner looking. Occasionally they'll have stuff other stores don't have.

        If you go to the on Denison & Kennedy, it's huge and has lots of veggies and other items very well priced. Also the one @ Market Village (facing South towards Steeles) is cheaper too. The T&T by Bathurst and another by McCowan/Steeles are reasonably calm, but the Steeles/Warden one is totally crazy full of shoppers sometimes (that's why they can open to midnight and beyond sometimes).

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          I like to shop at other Asian groceries and markets also but the thing with T&T is that it's all displayed really clearly and the store is almost pathologically clean. It's easy to find stuff - even things you weren't looking for.

        2. Anyone know what their selection of Malaysian ingredients is like? Could I, for example, find candlenuts, belacan, asur gelam (sp?), etc. there? I'd love to get into Nyona style cooking but Chinatown seems to carry very little of what I need, unfortunately :(.

          1. they do have a website and it posts all the special for that week.


            if you go during weekdays before they close (bathurst/centre st. location), they have crazy sales for prepared food. You can usually get a whole package for 2.99. Why bother cooking, seriously~

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            1. re: oohlala

              Hopefully they won't jack up their prices to obscene amounts like all the other grocery stores do downtown

              1. re: paper_bag_princess

                I'm from Vancouver and learned to love T&T there. The wonderful thing about T&T for a gweilo like me is that everything is labelled so you can figure out what those cool-looking mysterious fruits & vegetables & animal parts are. And the staff is generally fluent in English, friendly and helpful so you can also get some guidance about what to do with the mystery ingredients (does it need to be peeled? eat it raw? stir fry? steam? etc.)

                Looking forward to much shopping at T&T downtown when it opens...