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May 31, 2007 06:50 AM

UES Birthday Dinner Tonight

Taking my wife to dinner for her birthday tonight. Needs to be UES 70's-80's. any suggestions. She loves exotic suhi rolls. She loves red sauce italian places.

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  1. Have you tried Gari - they don't have rolls (rather, not any interesting ones) but specialize in 'exotic' nigiri. Don't know if you can get a reservation at this point though.

    1. The garden area of Uva or Vespa might be nice if she likes Italian, both are my favorite places in the summer months.

      For sushi I'd second Gari or perhaps Sushi Seki if you can get a place at the bar. Seki omekase at the bar is my personal favorite though. You can expect some pretty creative sushi there without a lot of frills. Seki is in the 60s, though, so a little out of your requirements.

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      1. I would suggest Poke (85th just west of 1st avenue). They have lots of inventive rolls plus its BYO so you can bring a nice bottle of sparkling to enjoy with the sushi.