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May 31, 2007 06:48 AM

Where can I find the best chocolate covered pretzels?

I'm having a craving and I'll probably be better off if no one responds, but... my preference is milk chocolate. Thanks!

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  1. Try Whole Foods. Maybe you can even get them fresh dunked.

    1. The milk chocolate pretzels at Garden of Eden on 14th between University and Fifth are great (not sure if they are the "best"). You could hit Whole Foods on 14th and Garden of Eden on 14th and do a taste test.

      Also on 14th is Trader Joes-- good price for chocolate pretzels but they have an odd after taste so I would skip.

        1. re: Toot

          i have to second the jacques torres vote. the milk chocolate covered pretzels are yummy-licious, but the chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels are the true bomb (not sure if they do them in milk chocolate.)

          1. re: funkymonkey

            When I ordered milk-chocolate-covered pretzels from Jacques Torres this December, I thought I noticed both hydrogenated oil and corn syrup on the ingredients list. Does anyone have specific information on this? I didn't see the information on their website, and I no longer have a package at hand.

            1. re: Toot

              I second this recommendation...I would get anything chocolate covered here!

              1. re: Toot

                I 4th or 5th it. definitely my favorite!

              2. You can get a good selection at LiLac Chocolate in the Grand Central Market. You can also get them on Upper Broadway at Mondel's. You might also want to call Economy Candy.

                1. try the sweet life, on the corner of ludlow and hester. it's a fabulous store. when they're fresh, the ones at garden of eden are good but unfortunately they aren't as careful about freshness as they used to be.

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                    The tasti-delite on 29th and 3rd has a large candy selection and I'm addicted to their chocolate covered pretzels (they have both dark and regular chocolate). Its a very dangerous addiction ..

                    1. re: noot

                      In NJ The Chocolate Shoppe on Rt 202 in Flemington.