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Oct 22, 2005 05:27 PM

St. John's Armenian Church Food Festival today

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Last week, wedgeheadjunkie posted about the 63rd Annual St. John's Armenian Church Food Festival - it's today and tomorrow 10/22 and 10/23 from noon to 9pm. Free admission - tasty food! Friendly community.

We arrived early at 12:15pm - the line for food filled the back wall and the tables for dining were beginning to fill. Everything is tempting; we had shish kebab and luleh kebab $5 each; my fave Kufta - a meat-stuffed lamb meatball $3; Imam Bayeldi eggplant with a spicy tomato and onion filling $3; 3 kinds of boereg; Sarma; a tangy yogurt drink; Kourabia; Kadaif. At TakeOut, we ordered 6 Lahmajoon $7 (these are frozen-defrosted from Nina's Bakery in Fresno) for an evening snack at home.

St. John's Armenian Church
275 Olympia Way (off Clarendon at Laguna Honda Blvd.)
San Francisco
(415) 661-1142 for more information

A huge thank-you to wedgeheadjunkie for the heads-up posting! We had a great time eating yummy foods today. (I loved that tangy yogurt drink Tanh!)

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  1. We went on Sunday to swoop in for the take-out counter. This was our first time at the festival and we're definitely going to make it an annual event. It's really hard to find good Armenian food around these parts, and having grown up in Fresno, I have had a hankering for many years.

    Loved the rice pilaf - buttery and nutty - and the lula and shish kebabs. Tried the spinach boreg and some other cheesy one -- sou boreg, I think, and some meatbally/sausagey/sesame thing. Very, very good. The stars were the lahmajoun. James had never tried these and couldn't stop eating them. Great thin thing crust with the smear of lamby, peppery, tomato. Funnily, they came from a bakery in Fresno!

    Thanks for the great tip, wedgeheadjunkie!