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May 31, 2007 06:36 AM

Arlington Greek Festival

Hi Everyone - Just a reminder that the AGF is this weekend!

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  1. Thanks. I was already looking forward to wordsmithing my spanikopita post on Monday morning. ;)

    1. I'm really sad I'll be away and will miss it this year. I'm going to try to check out the Somerville GF instead. Anyone know when that one will happen?

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      1. re: yumyum

        No announcement yet. Last year, it was the weekend after Labor Day.

      2. It runs until 10pm, but is it better to go for lunch as opposed to dinner? I want to optimize my lamb intake :)

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        1. After hearing raves on this board, I dragged the family to this and felt like an idiot. The food was okay but not worth a special trip. Our roasted lamb servings were meager with more bone and fat than meat. Other Greek specialites were okay but only the desserts were something to "ooohhh" about.

          I did enjoy my Retsina but don't get what the fuss is about.

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          1. re: three of us

            Did you go this year or last? Thought it didn't start till today...

            1. re: gini

              Have gone the last several years & met up w/other ch's, as we will 6/2 for lunch this year if all goes as planned.

            2. re: three of us

              When did you go? They had one (inside) last fall that was very disappointing but the late spring-early summer one has never let me down.

              1. re: three of us

                We went last year on a Sunday. Won't be back but wish all a good time!

                1. re: three of us

                  I'll agree with you totally, three of us. My $6 gyros was good, but not better than what I could get at the Greek Corner in North Cambridge. and it was a smaller portion. not really worth he trip in my opinion, food wise.

                  1. re: three of us

                    I am sorry to hear. We had a wonderful experience and enjoyed the food. Just a general reminder to those of you who post negatively on this topic.... This is a fundraiser. It's a group of people working together, donating their time for a cause. There is also the atmosphere, generations of people enjoying their heritage, local libations that are not easy to come by... and the music. I'd take going to the festival then the corner store to get a gyro even if it is a little better in food quality.

                    1. re: photiczone

                      I totally agree with you.
                      To me, there is nothing better than going to a local ethnic church festival dinner.

                      1. re: photiczone

                        Hey, you're talking to a Polish girl from Detroit - where the ethnic/church festivals are huge affairs -- who can certainly groove on ethnic festivals. That's not the point. Folks rave, rave, rave about the food at the Arl Greek Church and that was not my experience. The gathering of generations, watching tipsy old men jump over a hanky in a line dance -- did I mention enjoying the Retsina? -- these can be great but still don't make up for disappointing food..

                        1. re: three of us

                          I did go but remarkably for my clan, not until 7PM on Sunday night. They were about done but the music was blaring and the retsina was cold so we went in. The line dance was full speed. The gyros were really good (warm chewy bread, good meat and really good sauce). The chicken was so-so but the salad and rice with red sauce were, as always, great. The desserts were terrific. We especially like the warm, honey walnut laden loukomedis (sp?). It's a much better form of carnival fried dough. As we finished dinner, the Corner Restaurant brothers walked by. We were warmly greeted and they said that they love the festival and strongly support the church. I'll never miss it but next time will go a little earlier.

                          1. re: esmom

                            I think they are called loukoumades and I really like them too.

                        2. re: photiczone

                          Hey pz -- thanks for posting this. I was sad to miss the St.A festival this year and I appreciate your reminding folks that it's not always all about the chow (gasp!). I've always enjoyed my food there, but for me it's soooo much more than the moussaka plate. I love the coffee tent with old guys hanging out, the dessert tables laden down with about a million calories, and especially running into local Greeks -- the owner of Ball Square Liquors, Jay from Jay's Deli (RIP) near Tufts, the family that runs Zalek's.... Opa!

                          1. re: photiczone

                            We also had a wonderful experience. I'm copying my post to a related thread:
                            " We were also there yesterday, Saturday, at the same time & felt particularly blessed to get the just hacked up portions of roast pig hot off the spit w/crispy skin to crunch on - absolute nirvana. One of our party got the lamb & it was yum too. A shared order of grape leaves was warm & savory. Too full for dessert, but may swing by tonight to get take out moussaka to freeze & some dimples if it isn't pouring rain out".

                          1. re: ShakeNBake

                            nope, just pay for whatever food you want to eat.