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May 31, 2007 05:48 AM

Help - need rehearsal dinner location

I am hosting a rehearsal dinner before my son's wedding - 60-80 people - not familiar with area - want some place near Rye Brook where out of towners are staying. Ideally - some place more casual and fun since the wedding next night is formal. Any suggestions for great restaurants that can accomodate that large a private party in Port Chester, White Plains, or any place else close by - ideally no more than 10 miles from Doral Arrowwood.

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  1. City Limits in Stamford has a back room that could accomodate a crowd that size, and that's definitely more casual.

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      Arrowood is right on the border of Greenwich, CT and very close to the Merritt Parkway. You could take a 10 minute trip up the Merritt to Long Ridge Tavern in Stamford.

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        Another thought, although I have not tried this place. The Town of Greenwich CT owns a golf course on King St., just up the street from Arrowwood, called Griffith Harris, and there is a restaurant there. You can search these boards for other references to the restaurant. Here is a link to the town's site: