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May 31, 2007 04:43 AM

Sugiyama or Jewel Bako

I've been reading a lot of positive and negative recent reviews of Jewel Bako. I realize that they are a bit different in their focus, but how does it compare, in food and atmosphere, to Sugiyama (which I've read less about on these boards).

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  1. I haven't eaten at Sugiyama, but I think that the emphasis there is more on kaiseki, multiple courses of food that includes sushi/sashimi, but also cooked dishes. I've eaten at Jewel Bako and it is fabulous, but there is definitely an emphasis (it seemed to me) on the raw fish.
    I've heard great reviews of both, but can't really speak to how they compare if you are trying to decide between them. Maybe some of the more experienced hounds will be able to comment.

    1. AArtaud is spot-on, Sugiyama is more focused on kaiseki and cooked food while JB is more about the sushi. Sugiyama also feels more traditional and understated while JB is sleek, new and trendy without the bumping music. Don't expect much in the way of decor from Sugiyama, but their food is truly excellent; expect traditional dishes expertly prepared with top-notch ingredients, some of which will be new and exciting (baby lotus floating in soup - yum!). JB also has good ingredients, very frish fish, though if you don't sit at the sushi bar, you may have to hassle them for some fresh wasabi (as opposed to grated).