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May 31, 2007 03:09 AM

Meal delivery service


My dad is getting on a bit, and needs a decent meal delivery service in Montreal. Not Santropol Roulant, he can pay, and not a diet place, because he doesn't need to lose weight. Home cooked, wholesome food. Anyone know of any place?

  1. Hiya - I don't know of any services offhand and Googling wasn't fruitful. You may want to try contacting your dad's local CLSC or a seniors' centre to see if they have any recommendations - hopefully they can help!

    Some resources to explore:

    Good luck!

    1. You may want to try a personal chef service. If you google personal chef Montreal, you should come up with something.

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      1. re: cuisine_miche

        That's a great idea, cuisine_miche! I didn't think of searching with those terms, but it looks like there are a bunch of options out there.

      2. Thanks for those. We want to avoid CLSC/senior places, as the food isn't usually very good, hence my posting here. I'll try googling personal chef, hadn't though of that. Thanks again!

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          You mite want to try A La Carte Express ( they list over 100 restaurants that deliver.

        2. I'm not sure whether you're looking for something with more frequent delivery, but might be worth checking out. They make frozen prepared meals from Jean-Talon Market ingredients, and the meals vary according to the seasonal ingredients available at any given time. The meals are microwavable or they can also be heated up in a conventional oven. I know they do deliveries, but am not sure of their terms. You might want to give them a call:

          Téléphone : 514 270-0004 / 1 877 370-0004

          1. The original comment has been removed