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May 31, 2007 02:19 AM

Chorizo (Asheville) - mixed review
Here is the recent review (5/30) for Chorizo from Asheville Citizen-Times

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  1. Thanks for posting. Funny about the "tableside guac"...I wanted that but I didn't want to spend any extra time with our sad-sack server. As for Paella, you know how much I love Hector's food, but the Paella wasn't very good at Zambra under Hector, and I doubt I would order it at Chorizo either. We all have our weakensses. I don't think dessert is H's strong suit either...except WAY back in time when he made some sort of sweet arepa at Salsa when it was still in the tiny space.

    I'm still PO'd I missed the roast pork by 15 minutes last Saturday. I dream of Hector-pork.

    I did think that the reviewer was off base complaining about $7 for a Margarita. Isn't that about what they cost? You couldn't get a drink at Limones for $7 , could you?

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    1. re: danna

      While I thought he was off-base on several specific complaints, I agreed with the review as a whole.

      BTW, those Margaritas are great but a bit SMALL for $7, don't you think?

      1. re: Jeff C.

        Beats me...I had the "small drink" mid-afternoon $3 size. I thought it was pretty big for $3.

        1. re: danna

          Hmmm...sounds like it might be worth breaking the old "five o'clock rule" for!

          1. re: Jeff C.

            Time for a reality check regarding liquor costs for a quality margarita. My Colorado Margarita has 2 oz of Sauza Conmemorativo Tequila - $26 plus tax, 2 oz of Cointreau - $35 plus tax, juice of one lime - 50ยข, splash of OJ - Lagniappe. There are 25.6 oz in a fifth. Don't forget a restaurant has to pay more than retail so add another five buck to the whole thing. Raw costs are apx. $6.00 a cocktail. If you've ever been in the business then you know this should be a profit area, so really paying $10.00 isn't too much. More like $12 - $15 if it were my place.

            1. re: jberryl

              why would a restaurant have to pay more than retail?

              1. re: danna

                in NC restaurants/bars pay slightly higher tax on bottles~this is why there is a big ugly orange sticker on the front of the bottles.

                1. re: danna

                  There are 2 factors at work here - first, the state has a monopoly on all liquor sales thus there is no competition. No competition results in higher prices - especially when you consider just how "efficient" most state agencies are. Secondly, liquor sold to restaurants and bars have an additional $3.75 tax added to each 750 ml bottle.

                  1. re: Eric Panic

                    Well I must say that NC ABC does have somewhat reasonable prices for liquor even compared to states that have free trade. Oh, I'm sure there are some places that have somewhat cheaper booze but don't forget that in any state, the State is collecting plenty in taxes from the sales (like cigs & gas). But I think here in NC they do it to restaurants because they will sell it at such a mark-up and they can.

                    1. re: jberryl

                      and getting back to Chorizo's food....good friend today said the food was fantastic but service was not so much - mostly because the waitress didn't seem to speak much English.

                      1. re: leahinsc

                        I think I mentioned the awful-ness of our waitress on ouf first visit in another thread...we waited a very long time for any food, and then she brought both courses out together, not even room enough on the table.

                        On my next trip, the table side guac was still being smushed when our entrees arrived. At least that waitress had the intelligence to be embarrassed by the poor timing. All the food was good, so I can live w/ a little service weirdness, but I hope it all shakes out soon.

                        My take on Chorizo is that it's the spot for people who think Salsa is too spicey, too "fruity", too many unusual combos. Chorizo is solid, but so far I've not had anything terribly interesting or eye-rolling fabulous. Leftovers from Chorizo do not magically get BETTER in the fridge after a day or two, as Salsa's do.

                        Next door, Modesto's pizza crust has improved and is pretty good now.