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May 31, 2007 12:16 AM

pres a vi how is it? thinkin of goin with friends from out of town?


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  1. I went a few months ago with three others. We has about 8 different dishes, all of which were not memorable, some were terrible. Nothing had any flavor. The Serrano ham croquettes had no ham and tasted like really old frying oil. The 'mac & cheese' with crab was so tasteless that I couldn't even taste the noodles. Our server was clueless as to our discontent too. The wine flights are good, but the price, at around $40-50/person was not worth it at all. I've heard the Presidio Social Club, very close to Pres a vi is much better.

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      i have been to Pres A Vi three times and every meal was similar - some hits and some misses. the setting in the Presidio is lovely. the small plates concept is pricey in this venue because you need at least 3 plates per person to make a nice meal. I agree with you that the service is sketchy at best. a better option is Isa on Steiner in the Marina. every dish had good flavor and was well executed.

    2. Its a pretty setting with a nice wine menu and flights, but the food is not worth your time or money. The servings are very small, and the flavor is eh - not memorable at all. I agree with Mr J that the service was poor. Our food took forever and there were no apologies for that.

      I guess, if its not too out of the way for you, go for some drinks pre-dinner, then go somewhere else for food.

      1. I agree with the previous posters. Some dishes were OK, a few were truly horrible. The Szechuan pepper was overused to the point of numbing my mouth for a few hours after the meal.

        1. Took the words right out of my mouth! I have a friend insisting on this place - is there anything that might be reliably good - or maybe reliably not awful? Ugh, I'm not looking forward to this. But the thought on Isa is great - I've never had bad food there and usually excellent service also. If you have a choice, I think it is no contest!

          1. the patio is probably the best in the city. I say go for some wine flights (excellent) and bar nibbles, sit out on the patio. Maybe go over to Presidio Social Club for dinner across the road or walk over to A16 dinner.