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May 30, 2007 10:51 PM

best late night burgers/wings/cuban in Miami

My flight arrives 10 pm.

I'd love to get 1/2 roasted cuban chicken somewhere, in a nice garlicky type sauce.

and/or a great burger and wings ,etc...

help please!

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  1. Well, Versailles is open until 2 a.m., weeknights, 4:30 a.m. weekend nights. . .you didn't mention what day, or if you have means to travel from the airport. . .

    I haven't tried it, but 3 Guys From Miami (a reasonably reliable source) raves specifically about their garlickly half-roasted chicken:

    You want Cuban in Miami? This is the spot. Hey, at 3 a.m. you might even be able to find a parking spot! :-P

    1. Lario's (sort of near the airport on Flagler) makes a fried 1/2 chicken with sour orange mojo that is insanely good.

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      1. re: lax2mia

        I think I'll make a pit stop at Lario's! I googled it and see they close 11 pm though, although it may not be accurate. I'll be at Casa Lario's (as I learned that location is called) sometime during my 4 days in Miami; I know that much! Thanks!!!

        anymore recs out there for any time of day is much appreciated!
        I'm getting hungry already..

        ellen in NJ

        1. re: ellen4441

          Forgot about Oneburger in Coral Gables. It's chi-chi burgers. The meat itself isn't that great but the toppings are interesting (e.g. the black, black and blue is a blackened burger patty and it comes with a black bean spread and blue cheese).

      2. Joe Allen is my favorite burger in miami.

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          Le Tub is the best burger. A1A in Hollywood on the intercoastal, the dress is shorts and don't miss it.

          1. re: dlgc

            I agree that le tub is better but I don't consider hollywood miami. Also, I forgot the burger at Ago is really good too - also not as good as le tub though.

            1. re: tpigeon

              I actually like the Colombian burgers (the big ones) at MAO on Bird St. (8438 Bird Rd). But if you happen to be farther out west, you can try Los Perros (13313 SW 42nd St). Any Colombian burger place stays open until 3 am or later!

              1. re: mialebven

                What sets a Colombian burger apart?

                1. re: Nick

                  good question! Please tell us !

                  1. re: Nick

                    Crazy toppings piled on. Cuban ones involve potato sticks. Brazilian ones add to the usual American accoutrements beets, corn niblets and a fried egg, for instance. Colombian ones are fairly similar to the Brazilian kitchen-sink spirit. Their key additional contribution is finely crushed pineapple.

                    If you're not up to the task of a whole burger done that way, Los Perros give similar treatment to its namesake hot dogs.

                    South America is the current world leader in outrageous/appalling burger and hot dog configuration.

                    1. re: hatless

                      I don't recall getting pineapple in my Colombian burger at MAO. Mine had ham (and of course, the ground patty), latin american white cheese, fried egg, mayo rosado (pink), and so forth. There's a picture of it in if you search MAO and it looks like a monster - but sooooo good!

                      1. re: mialebven

                        Fox's Sherron Inn on US 1 in South Miami.