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May 30, 2007 10:27 PM

dog-friendly dining for foodies?

some foodie friends are coming in from tucson with their labrador this weekend. i'm in charge of finding an LA hotspot that's dog-friendly. any suggestions? prefer something north of the 10 and east of the 405.

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  1. My rec is south of the 10 and west of the 405, but folks bring along their dogs here all the time. French Market Cafe, 2321 Abbot Kinney blvd, has very good cafe food, which is frequented by alot of Venice locals, workers, and French Expats as well - many of which bring their four-legged children and sit in the relatively comfortable patio dining area in front of the shop/cafe. The owners are French - this is a good thing as the food mirrors this, and like most French, they love dogs as well. It does help to know at least a little French, as some of the waitstaff are French as well.

    Alot of my friends who live in Venice with poochies tend to make early trips to either the beach (early is key as you won't usually see The Man cruising to hand out tickets in the early AM) or to the dog park on Main St and Westminster Ave, which also conveniently has a little doggy toy store adjacent to it on Westminster. It's not the nicest park, as it gets used alot, but most dogs there are good boys and girls who get alot of socialization in this very social part of town. Bring a couple of towels, maybe a some water to clean off your friends' dog with, and off you go to the cafe for a nice casual meal. Venice ain't West LA, or for that matter Tucson, but maybe the contrast might be what they are looking for...

    1. The hotel that used to be the Loews at Beverly and Pico in BH... I can't remember the new name... is dog nuts, so you might consider there as an option!

      Of course, doughboys and toast allow puppers. Santa Monica is also very doggie friendly, so you could sit at a patio on Montana. There's also that great doggie bakery/store on Montana on the north side of the street east of 9th street.

      1. Lots of spots along 3rd and along Beverly are dog friendly by virtue of having outdoor sidewalk seating. As Emme suggests, Doughboys and Toast are both popular dog-friendly spots. Do they have any dining preferences?

        1. thanks to all. these are great suggestions. i'm actually a toast and doughboy regular. BD (before dog), these friends (originally from NYC) ate in the best restaurants. their cooking far surpasses that of most top-rated. and since i'm their food guide to LA, i've got a challenge. i think they're hoping i'll find a dog-friendly AOC or Mozza. hmmm...

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            It's not an AOC or Mozza, but The Cat & Fiddle is very dog friendly, and their patio is really lovely. The food is British, it's not amazing but it's really good, and different from a Toast or Dougboys, might be interesting for foodies. Can't be much British food in Tucson right?

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              I love the patio at Cat & Fiddle, but the food is subpar. Never, EVER, get the crab fingers (ugh).

          2. in santa monica is Abode. foodie friendly, with a doggie friendly court yard. the owner told me she encourages her customers to bring thier dogs (and proboably out of towners as well!)

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              Nice! I was on the fence, but now I'm definitely going to try Abode! :)