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May 30, 2007 09:12 PM

Looking for "Not your average SALMON"

I love salmon, but it seems to be prepared in the same manner at so many restaurants. When it hits warm weather, my ideal meal is a grilled salmon with salad. I've had citrus flavors, asian, and "naked", but I'm looking for something really different and tasty. Lots of flavor to complement the fish and not just a wisp of flavor. It just seems I keep getting the same two preparations everywhere. Anyone had anything unusual and unusually good for salmon lately???? I do cook it myself, but I'm looking for dining out suggestions. Thanks.

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    1. I love salmon too, what a great question - you got me a googlin - here's two on this menu:

      1. I'm not personally much of a McCormick's fan, but I know they're celebrating Northwest Salmon season June thru Aug., which apparently means they're serving a different salmon special each day (at both locations).

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          A lot of posters seem to look down their noses at Sweet Chili in Arlington, but they do a Tamarind fish with a choice of salmon or cod that I really like. A sweet and sour sauce seved with mixed veg, rice or pad thai and spring roll and goyoza.

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            If they have Copper River salmon on the menu ... it's delicious, and like soft shell crabs has a very limited season.

          2. Have you tried the salmon how moak at Khao Sarn? Thai in Coolidge Corner..steamed in a banana leaf, with a curry, mousse like texture.

            1. The original comment has been removed