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Looking for "Not your average SALMON"

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I love salmon, but it seems to be prepared in the same manner at so many restaurants. When it hits warm weather, my ideal meal is a grilled salmon with salad. I've had citrus flavors, asian, and "naked", but I'm looking for something really different and tasty. Lots of flavor to complement the fish and not just a wisp of flavor. It just seems I keep getting the same two preparations everywhere. Anyone had anything unusual and unusually good for salmon lately???? I do cook it myself, but I'm looking for dining out suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. I love salmon too, what a great question - you got me a googlin - here's two on this menu:

    1. I'm not personally much of a McCormick's fan, but I know they're celebrating Northwest Salmon season June thru Aug., which apparently means they're serving a different salmon special each day (at both locations).

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        A lot of posters seem to look down their noses at Sweet Chili in Arlington, but they do a Tamarind fish with a choice of salmon or cod that I really like. A sweet and sour sauce seved with mixed veg, rice or pad thai and spring roll and goyoza.

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          If they have Copper River salmon on the menu ... it's delicious, and like soft shell crabs has a very limited season.

        2. Have you tried the salmon how moak at Khao Sarn? Thai in Coolidge Corner..steamed in a banana leaf, with a curry, mousse like texture.

          1. Upstairs on the Square has a very interesting version:
            "Slow-Baked Atlantic Salmon; White Asparagus Fondue, Lightly Pickled Rhubarb & Baby Mint" ($31). I had it for my birthday and it was fabulous. The rhubarb dressing was sweet and sour (and even looked like chinese sweet and sour, only so much better). Highly recommend.

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              I was about to suggest the Salmon at Khao Sarn, but got beaten to it! Instead, let me suggest the Falfel Salmon at Legal Sea Foods, which is actually quite excellent. It's salmon served with a chick-pea crust, and a cucumber yogurt sauce.

            2. Hardly my favorite place, but when I do go to Skipjacks, I generally will order their wasabi crusted salmon, which can be quite good by Skipjacks standards!

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                Neptune's is really good with crispy duck and avocado.