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May 30, 2007 07:14 PM

It's beautiful out! Where in Providence can we have a nice dinner outside?

There must be someplace! I'm looking for a restaurant where I can have a glass of wine and a nice dinner (between $8 and $20 per entree, probably) outside in a quiet-ish location. India on Hope St almost qualifies, except the traffic seems a bit much for a relaxed meal. Z Bar on Wickenden has a lovely patio (or did a year or two ago), but the food was mediocre and the service was downright surly.

Any suggestions? Right now, we're eating takeout on our porch when we need an al fresco dinner experience, but there are some nights that only table service and someone else washing the dishes will do.

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  1. well, paragon and andreas have outdoor seating, but they're on thayer street and traffic would probably be too much if the traffic outside of india is too much. same with trinity brewhouse and parkside, downtown. i think julian's and nick's on broadway have outdoor seating, but i'm not sure, and that also would be a traffic issue as the tables are on the street.
    i would recommend going to bristol instead and eating outdoors at the dewolf tavern. they have a really beautiful seating area looking out on the water--you can watch the sun set as sailboats go by, etc. very nice.

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      I think DeWolfe's exceeds their price range for dinner. Although there are other, more casual places in Bristol for sitting outside. In Providence, DePasquale Sq sounds good; Mediterraneo, though not technically outside, is completely open-air in the warm weather, offering protection from the street while providing fresh breezes.


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        not to niggle, but if you're going to go to mediterraneo, then you can certainly go to dewolf's in terms of pricing. in any case, the "pub" menu at dewolf's is certainly affordable for a nice night out and is not disappointing, particularly the mussels or the short rib braised in cumin and coke with sweet potato gnocchi and maytag blue cheese. but i agree--there are lots of other, less expensive venues in bristol that might be better.
        another thing that occurs to me is those restaurants down by the mall, around the capital grill area. i think they tend to have outdoor seating, particularly on waterfire nights (though it's crazy busy). there are a lot of people around but no cars and a nice view of the river. i'm not crazy about the restaurants down there but they're certainly not bad.

    2. How about one of the places around De Pasquale Square on Federal Hill? It's removed from the street, and you have a number of options to choose from. Not everything is exceptional, but you should be able to find something better than the food Z Bar. I haven't been recently enough to make a good specific rec; perhaps a Providence local can weigh in on this?

      Along similar lines, Bob and Timmy's (formerly on the square, but now just around the corner), has a pleasant little patio and some pretty good, unfussy Italian food. My favorite is the trio of wild mushroom grilled pizza, but their pasta and salads are good options as well.

      1. If you like Indian food, there's India on Hope Street. It's towards the Pawtucket line. They have a nice outdoor patio that faces Hope Street and the very beginning of Blackstone Boulevard.

        1. Was at Nick's today, and they have some tables set out. We couldn't tell if they are ready for primetime (they weren't serving breakfast outside, and the flower boxes did not have flowers in them), but it might be worth a call to ceck out.

          1. Red Stripe in Wayland Square, affordable French bistrot--limited seating outside, but still nice.

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            1. re: Sophia.

              Cuban Revolution also has sidewalk seating outside.

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                ...and with a beautiful view of a strip joint next door!

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                  Ah, the Sportsmens Club and hotel! Just a lovely part of Providence. Don't think that eating any food there (Sportsmans) is a good idea unless you have an ambulance close by. Great black beans, plantains and other stuff at the Rev, however, with a real counterculture vibe. Didn't know about the outdoor seating but go for the food. You'll like it

                  1. re: Cheffrank

                    Solid, inexpensive food in a funky atmosphere, no doubt. And yes, the sportsman is nearbye, but literally across from CR's outdoor seating is another strip club, name escapes me at the moment.