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May 30, 2007 07:14 PM

Senor Fish

After reading all the posts recently about taco trucks and catering, I decided to hire Senor Fish (Eagle Rock) to handle food for about 40 people at a backyard party last Sunday. The food was escellent and everyone raved about it. For one thing, they brought about three times as much food as we needed. I believe there were about 150-200 tacos provided. I piled people with tacos as they were leaving. They brought an astounding number of side dishes, more than I could have imagined. Because I had never hired them before and because I'm nuerotic, I had made a few dishes just in case. Not needed. I ordered tacos of shrimp, carne asada, chicken and vegetarian (my fave were the shrimp -- grilled). It came with rice, beans, shredded cabbage, about three different kinds of delicious homemade salas, fantastic chips, fresh salad with good dressing and sour cream. It was $10 a person. To sum up, I was muy impressed and pleased and so were our guests. I just wish I had some of those tacos right now. They were delicious. (And they hand wrap each taco, so it's nice and warm when it's to be devoured.) If you're interested, call Alicia at Senor Fish, Eagle Rock, 4803 Eagle Rock Blvd., 323-257-7167. Alicia was very sweet to work with. Makes me want to throw another party.

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  1. Senior Fish has ruled for years...the one in south pas. is equally as good.

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    1. re: chefthisguy

      Yeah, I couldn't stop thinking about Sunday's tacos so today I stopped at the S. Pas joint and endulged in two grilled scallop tacos. I know there are many S.Fish fans around, but I'm a new convert. I love finding great, cheap, fresh food. Can you beat trout tacos?

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        It seemed clean and flyfree to me. Might have been an off day. It's no Ritz Carlton, but it works for me when atmo is not an issue.

        1. re: bestnoodle

          I was going to chide you for not having grilled scallop tacos at your shindig, but you redeemed yourself before I even had the chance. A wise Hound indeed. Those scallops are great!

      2. I've passed a location in Eagle Rock, I think. I need to try this place. Maybe today, after work..I'm going to get the shrimp tacos.

        Senor Fish
        (323) 257-7167
        4803 Eagle Rock Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90041

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        1. re: katkoupai

          yummmm.....I strongly recommend the scallop burrito, if you have an appetite. It seems to be the one thing I always order at Senor Fish.

          1. re: onebite

            Okay, a compromise-- maybe a scallop taco and a shrimp taco, since I would like to try both. :)

            1. re: katkoupai


              The breading interferes with the sweetness of the fleshy scallops otherwise.

              No, I'm serious. And I'd second the motion to get a scallop taco and something else for variety, maybe salmon or tuna if they have it. Makes for a great, great plate of seafood.

              1. re: ttriche

                Thanks. I know that you recommended this place to me a while back. I have been meaning to try it, so I think that I will do so very, very soon.

                Grilled scallops
                Shrimp taco
                Salmon or tuna taco

                Got it. I might have to only try two the first time, though. :)

                1. re: ttriche

                  How much does scallop burritos/tacos cost. Is the downtown one (closest to Westside) open on the weekend? Or would it be better to go to the other locations for any reason?

                  1. re: Scotty

                    Okay, I went to Senor Fish in Eagle Rock today, as promised. :)

                    I got the 2 tacos combo plate for dinner. This is normally $6.50, but a dollar was added to the cost (either because it was dinner time or because I ordered shrimp and scallops or for some other reason-- I don't know). I didn't mind this, as it was still cheap. The two tacos plate comes with two tacos of your choice, beans, rice and a small drink. After tax, it was about $9, plus I threw $1 in the tip basket. $10.

                    Great tacos, piled high with everything...I devoured them. I appreciated the salsa bar and the fresh pico de gallo. I ate the whole plate of food, except for a little bit of the beans. Oh yeah, I got the shrimp taco and the scallop taco. Oops, I forgot to ask for these grilled, but they were good anyway. I was pleased with Senor Fish, and I would go back. Thanks. I count this as another good Chowhound rec.

                    1. re: Scotty

                      Tried Senor Fish again-- this time the South Pasadena location. I think the Eagle Rock location has more character. The building in Eagle Rock looks like an old shack. They also have a patio at the Eagle Rock location.

                      The South Pas location is across from Trader Joe's in a small parking lot.
                      I got a grilled fish taco and a grilled scallop taco this time. I devoured the grilled shrimp taco-- delicious. I had one bite of a scallop-- it was a bit too salty, so I'm saving it for later. The pico de gallo was excellent-- very fresh.

                      I cannot rave about the beans and rice, though. I think both the beans and the rice are below average. I thought this at the Eagle Rock location, as well. I keep ordering the combo plate, anyway. The total was less than $8, and it came with a small drink. I got jamaica.

                      If you want really good beans, go to Rosarito #2 on Lake near Orange Grove in Pasadena. I *think* they use lard in the recipe. The flavor is excellent, and the prices are low. My sister and I got two huge plates of food there, plus two drinks, for less than $13 total (i.e. about $6 a person for really good food). I always get the taquitos plate at Rosarito #2 (rice, beans, and 3-4 beef taquitos, with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa verde garnishing the plate.) They also have a very good salsa bar.

            2. Ya I just had a perfectly good fried scallop taco at the south Pas location, it was good but I miss the magic of the stand that used to be in Highland Park.

              1. Sounds great! From the posts it sounds like this is a chain. Does anyone know where the closest one is to the westside?

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                1. re: whatsfordinner

                  Locations are........

                  Downtown......corner of Alameda & 1st.
                  So. Pas.........on Mission across the street from Trader Joe's.
                  Eagle Rock.......on the West side of Eagle Rock Blvd. about a half-mile before Colorado.
                  Alhambra.....on the revamped Main St. near Garfield Bl.

                  Nothing on the Westside.........downtown would be closest.

                  I heard that it is no longer run by the original Woman who started it........she sold it supposedly..........can anyone confirm this?

                    1. re: slowrider

                      I would phone the Downtown location first, there's a ton of construction going on, and I'm not sure if that location had to close briefly.

                      1. re: slowrider

                        There's also a location in Duarte, on Mountain Ave, just south of the 210 freeway, in a little strip mall next to the Walmart.

                        The scallop tacos are my favorite. Their ceviche is also great. I know a previous poster said they didn't like the rice and beans, but I think their rice is the best I have ever had in a restuarant, very tasty. I think this is a family-run place (I've seen the same people at the S. Pas. and Duarte locations) and they are very nice and friendly.

                    2. I love Senor Fish and have been going since the first one on Figueroa. I post about it all the time. I'm happy your party worked out. I personally don't like the one downtown. I like the one in So. Pasadena, or Eagle Rock. We live by fairfax and we a trip of it, by stopping by Galcos for soda pop, all the old fashioned ones, on York Blvd, then go to Juliennes on Mission at the end to pick up their jumble cookies. We then come back and have lunch at Senior Fish on Mission and Grand across the street from TJs. They also have a new one in Duarte. We love the fried shrimp burritos, large shrimp, but we only get rice, no beans, onions and cillantro. My husband likes the the hot sauce, and I like the salsa verde. Enjoy