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May 30, 2007 07:01 PM

bar crudo

anyone recently visit this restaurant? thoughts? looking for a good raw bar/sashimi experience....

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      1. As a former SFer now living in Costa Rica, I must report that I demand to go to Bar Crudo every return trip to the City...last visit was in early April with great Arctic Char, an amazing scallop crudo and all the oysters I could eat...Mike Silvera is doing a great job keeping the plates changing and fresh...great waitstaff and great vibes, plus if you go to the Tunneltop bar next door if there are no tables, they'll come get you when there are...

        1. Just for balance, since you've gotten nothing but raves, we were disappointed the one time we went (a year ago).

          The arctic char crudo was exceptional. We spent a lot of money and left hungry. Ambiance upstairs leaves something to be desired. Not bad, but we were expecting to be dazzled.