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May 30, 2007 06:33 PM

Captain Jack takes a dive...

Driving an hour or so from LA to Sunset Beach was always worth it for the awesome King Crab legs at the Captain's. Sunday night, however, LB and 'mrs. boy' made the trek and were stunned at how badly the place has gone down hill.
The crab (which ain't cheap!) used to be succulent and wonderful beyond it tastes like rubber from old tires....I inquired and was told 'same distributor', etc....but WOW..what a let down. Their salads used to pack much more zing, as well...
The waitresses seemed mainly content to pump as much alcohol as possible down the throats of some loud and already smashed OC babes...
designated driver, anyone?...


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  1. Sounds like you could have used a "designated eater" instead. Thanks for the downhill update.

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      Thanks, I have moved away and recently driven by a couple times, most of my experiences were in 80s 90s. So I won't try to relive the past or anything there at least!