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May 30, 2007 06:32 PM

Anyone remember the first Scoop contest on FoodTV?

I swear one of the flavors was Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle ice cream - it didn't win and Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream won and became a new Haagen-Dazs ice cream flavor. I went by my grocer's freezer today and saw that Haagen-Dazs has come up with a new "Reserve" line of ice creams and one of them was Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle. I grabbed some and tried it - it's really good. But the carton talks about how the inspiration for the flavor is from Thailand and it mentions nothing about the woman who developed the flavor for the Scoop contest. It was Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle in the first contest right?

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  1. yep it was...there is a thread somewhere on here about that and the girl who came up with that toasted coconut flavour chimed in on the thread and gave us her 2 cents.

    how does it taste? I have tried the sticky toffee and loved it but I haven't tried the coconut one. If I can find the link I'll post it

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      Toasted coconut ice cream is the base but it has more caramelly-ginger taste than I expected - but still very good. Also, there are a few sesame brittle pieces, but not enough, in my opinion.

      1. The woman who came up with the Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle is from Phoenix. Recently in our local paper was an article about her and the contest here is the link:

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          Oh, good. I'm glad Amber got the winning prize money anyway now that they are producing her flavor. I did notice that the flavor had a lot of ginger - I bet her original version is amazing.