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May 30, 2007 06:06 PM

Franny's: Worthwhile?

Franny's has received a lot of praise, but it's gotten its share of grief on this site...mostly related to price, service and attitude. Overall, do you think it's worth a trip?

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  1. While Franny's is quite expensive for what it is (interesting pizza) it's not in the Per Se (or even River Café) category. With a beer or a glass of wine, you'll get out with $25-$30 per person. So it's worth trying it once. If you like this kind of personal gourmet pizza, you'll be pleased to come back. If you're more of a DiFara's, Totonno's, Lucali type, you'll end up with a one-time enjoyable dinner that is not worth being repeated.

    1. i've found the place to be pretty souless, not worthy of the cash or the hype. they do, however have a killer pr rep.

      1. not worth the $$$- expensive, bland and boring. fills a need for richy rich park slope (my hood for the last 15 years-wow has the neighborhood changed- from krakton to yuppiedom...), but not very exciting or amazing. the best part of the pizzas (which are pretty small) were the meats (salumi)- meats are excellent, besides that, meh... anthony's on 7th ave bet 14 and 15th st. is a much better value and imho much better (snarkier). enjoy fb

        1. Gotta go with popular opinion and buck popular opinion ;o)

          Franny's is just alright - certainly nothing worth going out of your way for. It kind of reminded me of a pale imitation of any decent Italian trattoria/wine bar.

          1. I actually really enjoyed Franny's, and I'm certainly not rich (I like to say "almost poor") or typically into hype. I'm usually very suspicious about over-priced fare (like "high-end Chinese food"), but, seeing the difference of opinion on this board, wanted to give it a shot.

            Our waitress was helpful and friendly, the food was good (especially the cucumber mint salad!), and, though I did think the pizzas were pricey, $5 here or there didn't matter when the overall experience was pleasant.

            My experience was also heightened by the belligerent drunk guy, clad in overalls, opening the door and yelling, "I love Franny's." Then he got into fisticuffs with a customer, and, sources say, they had a standoff outside, during which the drunk guy waved a Duane Reade bag over his head like a ball-and-chain.

            Dinner and a show...not bad.

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              I used to live in this neighborhood, moved out almost 10 years ago when no place like Franny's would even think of opening there. The drunk guy episode made me laugh--maybe there's still hope that Prospect Heights won't become the next UWS.