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May 30, 2007 06:03 PM

Cambria - Paso Robles recommendations?

We're taking a wine tasting trip to Paso Robles in late June. I think we're staying in Cambria. Any winery and restaurant recommendations? Has anyone tried Papi's (not sure of the spelling)?

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  1. Try the California board.

    1. Papi's is OK. For more authentic taqueria food, try Tacos Tenexpa and its next door neighbor. East of Spring St about 10 min.

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        Now, does anyone have any can't miss wineries??

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          Was up that way for wine tasting just 2 weeks ago and the wife wants to move there now (with or without). We really liked Denner (joined their wine club, and we're pretty selective about joining wine clubs). Also like Halter Ranch on the same road.
          We stayed in Morro Bay and were impressed by Taco Temple's food (expecting more or less taqueria fare)--lots of posts on the board.

      2. In Cambria we like the Sow's Ear, Wild Ginger, Robin's and Linn's (ONLY FOR PIE)... Coming from the Mexican food saturated San Joaquin Valley, (I have at least 5 authentic Mexican restaurants within a 1/2 mile of my house.. there are over 200 in Fresno itself.).. I can't imagine craving Mexican food on vacation...but to each his own..

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          For dinner in Paso Robles: Artisan. My current favorite wineries: Silver Horse, Lone Madrone, Linne Calodo, Turley. Heard great things about Denner, but haven't tasted there yet. There are a ton of great wineries. You'd have to try really hard to find mediocre wine. Check out

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            I second Robin's for dinner and Linn's for pie (but only pie)

          2. Last few times in Cambria we ate at Black Cat Bistro and had a really great time.

            1. About 5 minutes from Cambria is Moonstone Beach. My favorite restaurant in the area is the Sea Chest. Excellent fish. I love Steve's Cioppino, served piping hot in a Le Creuset pot. It isn't fancy, but it has a comfortable rustic feel. It is right on the water and all the people who work there are terrific. They don't take reservations and they only take cash. They've got checkers and cards and Connect Four to keep you entertained while you wait. I love this place!

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                  I second the Sea Chest! LOVE the calamari steaks, Oysters Rockefeller and Devil's on horseback. FYI, Locals wait in line to get in before the doors open, come way before you are hungry; might have to wait and drink wine and play checkers for a bit....

                  Also have heard lots of good things about Hoppe’s. Supposedly good jazz there sometimes. Love Robin’s lobster bisque. As for wine, I work in the industry in San Luis Obispo, most are good you won’t be disappointed. I was out tasting recently and really enjoyed the pinot’s at Windward Vineyard, Lone Madrone was good too. Really loved some of the reserves at J.Lohr. And don’t miss the cherry flips at the pastry shop next to Four Vines Winery! Four Vines has a really good zinfandel and you get a neat Reidel glass when you taste there. You’re going to have such a good time….

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                    Thanks! I ate at the Sea Chest several years ago and still have cravings for Oysters Rockefeller!! It's definitely on my list.