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May 30, 2007 05:44 PM


Hi guys - please help!

I need a nice, relatively upscale, restaurant for a dinner for 8 adults (30 to 60 year olds)next weekend. Occasion is to celebrate a doctoral graduation and for future in-laws to meet. Primo looks fantastic, but a bit too pricey I think. I'm thinking Lark Creek in Walnut Creek or Postino in Lafayette - I haven't been to either, any thoughts?

Any other suggestions are welcome. I'm hoping to find great food and atmosphere, but not absurdly expensive.


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  1. i haven't been to va da vi (sp?) in walnut creek yet, but my gf says it's good and has been wanting to take me there... i believe it's small plates, so it'll be conducive for sharing and conversation....

    don't go to bing's.. i actually like it there, but with 8 people, you could easily end up being absurdly expensive...

    scott's walnut creek is nice, but sometimes i find the quality and flavor of the food to be hit or miss.

    have wanted to try out lark creek, but for some reason, i don't find the pull after reading the menu. i hear it gets some good reviews though. haven't been to postino, but lafeyette is beautiful..

    oh, actually, if you wanted to go for drinks after dinner, then i would suggest staying in the walnut creek area. there are different places you can go. and in that case, you could actually go to bing's for drinks 'cause it's a piano bar and they a singer and you can make requests. i've heard people on this board say that it tries to be a country club, but i haven't really had any problems there... i actually like it. and for drinks, they would play tunes that the older folks in your group would enjoy. maybe you can get the future-in-law reminiscing about how they got together =) should make for great stories!

    congrats on everything =)

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      Va de Vi is WAY too loud for a group to be able to talk to one another. We were there on Saturday night and it was challenging with our party of three. If you drink wine it also gets expensive pretty fast. I think our bill with two mid priced (32 and 60) bottles was ~$220.

      I'm not a huge fan of Lark Creek. Their food seems to be pretty hit or miss, though I have had a few good meals. The food is very homey and simple, so it will appeal to wide variety of palates. It might be a good place for this group/event.

      I've only had drinks at Bing's, but the bar struck me as a pick up spot for the 40+ crowd.

    2. Massimo's on Locust in Walnut Creek. It is always good food and good service. Also it is not real loud. They have a website, so you can check out the menu. Parking garage across the street, and they also have valet parking.

      1. Bridges is good, a classic Walnut Creek restaurant.

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          except it's in Danville...haven't been for years, although as a kid I loved it.

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            We were there to celebrate Mother's Day (a week early) for my mom and happened to get there on a Sunday before 6:00 pm so we were able to get the prix fixe specials, which were quite good and quite a savings from the regular menu. We were able to sit outside and it was quite pleasant.


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              isn't that the place that the prices aren't listed on the menu... good to know abotu va da vi too... is massimo's in walnut creek the same as the one in fremont? i don't really like the fremont one 'cause it's too expensive for the food i get.... that said, i still ate a lot and enjoyed myself =) i just love food.. what can i say?

        2. I'm a big fan of Postino. I found the food to be far more interesting than that of Prima.
          Here is a review of a dinner I had there:

          Bing Crosby's is expensive, but is just a fun place to go, and the food is decent.

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          1. re: Ian F

            i actually just had a celebration at bing's =) i'm always impressed at the hospitality... we actually had about 9 adults and 2 kids... maybe that's why i thought it was expensive... haha i had to pay for everyone =) and my folks came along too, so i had to have extra drinks for me! hahaha =) they are really attentive. the staff saw that my sister left to change the baby's diaper and they offered to put it under the heatlamp for her in the kitchen to keep it warm. and i love how you can request a song for the piano bar to play =) i think we requested 4 different songs, and they chose to sing mack the knife =)

            the desserts are amazing. my gf and her husband order the creme brulee sampler, which i LOVED.. the chocolate one was tres yummy. and i ordered the chocolate souffle which my SO and my cuzin and i shared. i couldn't stop giggling. it was so good...

            1. re: Ian F

              Agree with Postino, always have had a nice experience there and the parking is a piece of cake. If you are willing to go to San Ramon/Danville Cafe Esin is one of my favorites and the desserts are outstanding as well.

            2. My choice would be Le Bistro on Main St in WC. The place is small, but if you call in advance, I'm sure they could accomdate a larger group.