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Diddy Riese Ice Cream Sandwich - A quickie.

After biking to downtown LA and back Dommy! brought me to Diddy Riese, since being a new Angelino, I have not tried it yet.

$1.25 for a fresh made Ice Cream Sandwich plus lots of business creating lots of turnover for cookies. Woo Hoo!

I had a Cinnamon Sugar Cookie with Strawberry Cheesecake Chunk Ice Cream. I was hoping to recreate the Dr. Bob's Strawberries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar taste. It was good but the Cinnamon and Sugar made it gritty. I might bring a brulee torch the next time to see if I can melt some of the Sugar before popping it into my mouth.

Dommy! had Chocolate Chip with Walnut Cookie and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. This was Sinful. The Cookie was still warm and melty and it just begged to be eaten.

So If you don't mind feeling old hangin out with the UCLA Co-Eds and if you can find parking in Westwood [Good Luck!] this is the perfect little treat to end the day.

Take Care

- P.

Diddy Riese Cookies
926 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (310) 208-0448

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  1. Diddy Riese cookies...heavenly (as you describe) anytime, even before and during a bike ride!

    1. boooo... i liked it better when it was $1.00... hahahaha =) nah just kidding... =) well, half...

      it's also great to buy for gifts 'cause you can get a nice tin can somewhere and place a dozen cookies on it =)

      i do like the chocolate chip with nuts and the cinnmon sugar... yum! =)

      1. If you figure out how to recreate Dr. Bob's strawberry, sour cream and brown sugar taste from the L.A. County Fair, definitely post. I only had it once and I'm still dreaming of it. The next time we went to the Fair, they weren't scooping that flavor, boo hoo. I tried it pre-packed from Gelsons and it was terrible.

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        1. re: Debbie W

          Please, describe in more detail! Or go to the home cooking board and describe in more detail. I for one would love to brainstorm with other hounds about how to recreate this!

          1. re: Debbie W

            I haven't been to the LA County Fair yet. [Dommy! sez its on the list this year] I had the Prepacked from Surfas and Market Gourmet and it was fantastic.

          2. Well, back when Westwood was my stompin' grounds, them things cost $0.25 each and $1.00 for an ice cream sammitch... but I do miss them. Westwood is such a haul for us that I haven't been in a very, very long time.

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            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              yup! 4 for a dollar! =) haha the first time i returned and found out it was 3 for a dollar or whatever it is now, i almost went in shock... hahahah

            2. LOVE those snickerdoodles. I also love that they do a white chocolate chip cookie w/o macadamia nuts, which I hate; great that they do chocolate with white chocolate and a white cookie w/ white chocolate. The M&M cookie is also really good; it has the perfect salty-ish cookie to contrast w/ the chocolate candies. Plus, the brownies are great too... no nuts! :-)

              1. isn't it like 15 miles of biking? But I am sure they were worth it- hope you got more than one ;)

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                1. re: miffy

                  more like 16... :D And this was the same day we decided to indulge in the Queso Relleno at Chichen Itza... We kinda space out our indulgences....


                  1. re: Dommy

                    Even if you just went to not-so-great places, anything would have tasted great then- I did give some blood at UCLA donation center for a cookie from Diddy Reese

                    1. re: miffy

                      i almost did that as a starving UCLA student back in the day. =)

                2. Many Chowhounds don't bat an eye at $100+ per person checks but a thread about Diddy Riese gets a dozen responses in half a day. Awesome! I'm tempted to start a thread on "best things you can eat in L.A. for less than a buck-fifty."

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                  1. re: nosh

                    Make it "a buck fifty or less" and we'll be flooded with banh mi comments.

                    1. re: nosh

                      Okay, if you start this thread, I will be so into it. What, really, can one get for less than 1.50? Tacos, Vietnamese sandwiches and desserts, probably.

                    2. FWIW, I REALLY miss their muffins. I work at UCLA and used to pick one up for breakfast on my walk in to the office every morning. They were always fresh & warm, not dense/leaden like so many other muffins, and not overly sweet. And, the best damn 45 cents value around--a few billion times better than those awful 75-cent-and-up vending machine muffins. Aside from the decent blueberry and chocolate ones, I especially liked the cinnamon, orange marmalade and apple-cinnamon varieties. Then, a few years ago, they stopped making them, changed to later working hours, and it's all just a nice memory.

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                      1. re: shab

                        Miss those muffins too... Try Ralph's market for their one dollar bran muffins... so good.

                      2. I really understand the Diddy Riese attraction but have trouble with the business model. Big cookies at 3 for a buck (used to be "the 25-cent cookie place") or an ice-cream sandwich with choice of two cookies at $1.25 or a big kosher hot dog and soda for less than two bucks. Usually two guys serving the line of customers, but gotta be at least a minute per order, probably more. Tasty, well-made product.

                        Perfect example of "We lose a little on every order, but we make it up in volume."