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May 30, 2007 05:18 PM

Five Points

I was just reading about a restaurant in Soho called Five Points. Anyone know anything about it? Looks reasonably priced and the sample menus sounded good.It's going to be me and three college friends for dinner (all in the area, all women). Thanks!

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  1. I LOVE Five Points, it is one of my fav spots in the city. Get the pork, it is amazing! Also, the desserts, brunch and sangria are great. Nice, relaxing atmosphere and the staff is friendly too.

    1. Just a point of order: Five Points is on Great Jones, which is several blocks above Houston, and is therefore not in SoHo (=South of Houston).

      1. When you make a reservation, be sure to request either a table outside or one in the middle room, along the "stream." Make sure you do not get put in the back under the bread cutting station=very uncomfortable.

        1. I love Five Points for both dinner and brunch - and if you happen to be in the neighborhood at lunch time they have a great burger as well. The place as a nice vibe, very good service, and their take on New American is fantastic. There is one dish I had there about 3-4 years ago that I always remember (it was a special that I haven't had since). It was an appetizer portion of ravioli that were stuffed with spring peas and mint and finished in a sage brown butter. Just thinking about the balance of flavors and the complexity of aroma and taste that such a simple dish is to me the heart of good food. Their fish preparations and pork dishes are excellent. If they still have the Rhubarb desert get it it was great.

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            What is the dinnertime noise level at Five Points? Is the outdoor seating facing the sidewalk or is it a patio?

            1. re: calabaza

              I think the noise level is boisterous enough to feel energy in the room, but not too loud that you can't hear one another. I hate restaurants where it is so hushed that you feel like other diners (not at your table) are listening to your every word.

              The outside seating is on the sidewalk, but it is a very wide area and the tables aren't too crowded. In addition Great Jones is a pretty quiet street for the neighborhood.

              1. re: centrejack

                Five Points really is a nice place, and I love sitting by "the stream." I personally don't like sidewalk seating all that much, and Great Jones is a really ugly, gritty industrial looking street. If you sit outside,I think you'll spend your time looking at a car park across the way. Go for the inside Zen experience. Much nicer.

          2. Five Points is pretty solid, though nothing worth going out of your way for, except maybe for brunch. Space is cool.