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May 30, 2007 04:59 PM

What's the best veggie burger in the Bay area?

I'm looking for the best (made in-house) veggie burger in the Bay area. No gussied up Gardenburgers or Boca burgers allowed. I'm talking from scratch!

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  1. I don't know if it's the "best", but I do enjoy the housemade veggie burger at Ananda Fuara in SF (what I like even more is their Neatloaf sandwich).

    It's hard to find a good veggie burger. I'll be watching this post!

    1. the veggie burger at chow and park chow is made from scratch and is the best i have had anywhere, period...

      1. Houston's makes their own. It's been a year since I had one but I remember being satisfied but not exstatic. I very much liked the Whole Earth veggie burger but I haven't seen one in nor-cal.

        Lettus on Steiner at Chestnut in SF has a version that has beet in it so I can't wholeheatedly vouch for it. I'd get it again in the future though.

        Both the Ananda Fuara recommendations are very tasty, but they both hurt my stomach a little - maybe too much fiber?

        1. The Counter in Palo Alto has a proprietary vegetarian patty that's worlds beyond the standard afterthought menu addition that is the Gardenburger. They also have sweet potato fries and a full bar, people.