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May 30, 2007 04:55 PM

Best Sandwich in OC??

Being a sandwich connoisseur myself the LA thread inspired me...

Some of my favorites:

-Tummy Stuffer in Costa Mesa (17th st location)
-Gallos in Corona Del Mar
-Frank's Philadelphia (Costa Mesa)
-The club sandwich from Bristol Farms in Newport Beach
-Any bahn mi from the westminster area
-Italian Beef from Portillos

So many to choose from...what say you Chowhounders?

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  1. Two places at the University Center across from UCI come to mind: Le Diplomat (always packed at lunch) and the new vegetarian place Veggie Grill. Their substitute meat sandwiches are pretty darn tasty.

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    1. re: crystaw

      I don't like the sandwiches from Le Diplomate at all... the Western kind tend to be squooshy, and the Viet kind are way too heavy on some dubious pickled shredded carrot and radish.

      I'll nominate the meatball sub at Niberino's on Ball and Sunkist (next to the 57).

      1. Mattern's in Orange makes an amazing po'boy
        The Choripan sandwich at Felix's is also really tasty
        Kaffa's makes a great tuna panini

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          A real po'boy?????? I used to live in Luling, LA and I would give an arm for a decent shrimp or oyster po'boy.... please advise!

        2. Roasted Turkey Sandwich - Bristol Farms, Corona Del Mar
          Cobb Sandwich - Newport Brewing Company, Newport Beach

          1. I personally like the club sandwich at the filling station in Orange.. also LOVE tortas from Taco Mesa and enjoy club sandwiches from Lee's for a quick bite