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Maggie Moo's vs. Cold Stone

So, a Maggie Moo's is slated to open up some time in the next month in my area. I have a friend who is a Cold Stone fanatic, and have a thing where we take turns paying for a meal/snack out...she chooses CSC about 33% of the time. I don't complain, seeing as how the company is at least good. My question: is Maggie Moo's a better quality product? Would it behoove me to nudge her toward it once it opens?

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  1. I dislike Cold Stone Creamery, so my reply is biased. Yes, you should try Maggie Moo's and judge for yourself, and hope your friend is openminded. To me, CSC's product is overly sweet, some flavors are slimy, and all have excessive overrun--too much air makes the ice cream marshmallowy rather than creamy. I like marshmallows, but I don't want ice cream to have that texture. Bleh. Their coffee is admittedly the best they offer, but it's still too sweet and fluffy.

    1. i haven't been to maggie moo's, but cold stone isn't that great to me. the ice cream tastes kind of grainy, i just wasn't a fan of the texture. and the 'sundae' portions are ridiculous! there is no way a human being can eat the thing they serve you. you end up spending $6 for a few spoonfuls before it melts away.

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        I agree - their portions are huge, and since the ice cream is so soft, it melts right away. I went there with a friend who raved about it. CSC was ok, but I'll take Baskin Robins anyday - LOL.

      2. He he...behoove!

        I don't like Cold Stone at all. The ice cream was not terribly flavorful, and it is way overpriced. I'll take Baskin Robbins any day. No lines, and twice the flavor at half the price.

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          Oh, I know B-R is far better, but the one around here closed at least 4 years ago. I wouldn't ask at all, except it's pretty much either these two, DQ and Culver's.

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            I would definitely take DQ or Culver's over anything else! Love the DQ soft serve, and if I want something richer, the frozen custard at Culver's is perfect for me. A little goes a long way!

        2. I wouldn't go out of my way for either, but at least they don't sing at maggie moo's!

          1. I have been to both. Never a fan of Cold Stone or Marble Slab. Magge Moo's is v.v. good, but I have still had better. Yes, ask her to try the new place.

            1. Sure it would! I don't know that one product is any better quality than the other, but I'm not a fan of stir ins, and I find that Maggie Moo's has more unique flavors of ice cream than Cold Stone. Currently our family favorite is their Cinnamoo ice cream, a beautiful creamy cinnamon flavor. I also loved their pumpkin pie and apple struedel flavors when they had them at the holidays.

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                I have never tried Coldstone, but once waited in line. AS I tood there I realized the BR down the street had no line. I am lucky enough where I live to have a small mom and pop ice cream place that is outstanding! Homemade ice creams, so many flavors and delicious. YEs, in the summer you stand in line, but it is really worth it.

              2. I do not care for Stone Cold Creamery either and I am trying to convince my husband to open a Maggie Moo's in our area. (We have been looking for a Franchise to get into) I think that everyone agrees that Maggie Moo's icecream has a much better taste. Not as gummy and marshmallowy as SCC. How is it that there is always a line out the door too? In most reviews people don't like SCC yet they are popping up everywhere. Hmm.

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                  I vote for Maggie Moo's. I had it down the shore with my daughter and thought the flavors were great. I had SCC in NY and was pissed. It was expensive and tasted off. I thought it was such a waste of good 'treat' money.

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                    I stopped at CSC earlier this week....the first time in over a year as I found the cost verses product did not meet my expectations in previous visits.

                    While the ice cream was not bad, the service lacked a great deal. I ordered a sweet cream with blackberries (not thinking to look at the board first). Server starting mixing and I asked, "excuse me, are those blueberries? If so, I asked for blackberries."

                    She replied (as she kept mixing), "sorry we don't have blackberries here." I then asked for cherries instead and she just added them to what she was already mixing rather than stating over.

                2. To me, it doesn't matter if Cold Stone has a better product. I refuse to go there until their staff stops singing for tips.

                  I'd rather have a not-as-good product and no singing than put up with the awful singing.

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                    And I prefer to avoid both places. I don't want junk in my ice cream. Call me a purist.


                  2. I prefer Maggie Moos. It is my favorite of all the national chains. I inquired about opening one in the San Jose (CA) area, but I hear there is already one planned to be opened in spring 2008 in San Jose.

                    1. IMHO, Maggie Moo's is much better. Better service, better product, wider range of ice cream flavors, and just an all around better experience.

                      That being said, neither holds a candle to Bruster's. But I digress. :-)

                      1. I'm not sold on Coldstone but I never got into Maggie Moo's. My first ice cream on cold slabs with mix in experience was:

                        Marble Slab, and it remains my favorite!

                        1. I've tried both and Maggie Moo's is better BUT CSC has had their no-sugar-added flavor every time I've gone and MM's has been hit or miss. If you have someone sensitive to sugar in your party, call first.

                          1. Cold Stone is flavorless. There is no point to it.

                            Maggie Moo's, on the other hand, is AWESOME.

                            1. We used to have a Maggie Moo's but it closed.Then it was a Magic Igloo, but now I think it is some bead store. Haven't tried the Cold Slab Creamy or Mabel Slab yet.I just stick to Baskin Robbins.