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May 30, 2007 04:41 PM

Maggie Moo's vs. Cold Stone

So, a Maggie Moo's is slated to open up some time in the next month in my area. I have a friend who is a Cold Stone fanatic, and have a thing where we take turns paying for a meal/snack out...she chooses CSC about 33% of the time. I don't complain, seeing as how the company is at least good. My question: is Maggie Moo's a better quality product? Would it behoove me to nudge her toward it once it opens?

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  1. I dislike Cold Stone Creamery, so my reply is biased. Yes, you should try Maggie Moo's and judge for yourself, and hope your friend is openminded. To me, CSC's product is overly sweet, some flavors are slimy, and all have excessive overrun--too much air makes the ice cream marshmallowy rather than creamy. I like marshmallows, but I don't want ice cream to have that texture. Bleh. Their coffee is admittedly the best they offer, but it's still too sweet and fluffy.

    1. i haven't been to maggie moo's, but cold stone isn't that great to me. the ice cream tastes kind of grainy, i just wasn't a fan of the texture. and the 'sundae' portions are ridiculous! there is no way a human being can eat the thing they serve you. you end up spending $6 for a few spoonfuls before it melts away.

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        I agree - their portions are huge, and since the ice cream is so soft, it melts right away. I went there with a friend who raved about it. CSC was ok, but I'll take Baskin Robins anyday - LOL.

      2. He he...behoove!

        I don't like Cold Stone at all. The ice cream was not terribly flavorful, and it is way overpriced. I'll take Baskin Robbins any day. No lines, and twice the flavor at half the price.

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          Oh, I know B-R is far better, but the one around here closed at least 4 years ago. I wouldn't ask at all, except it's pretty much either these two, DQ and Culver's.

          1. re: willrun4food

            I would definitely take DQ or Culver's over anything else! Love the DQ soft serve, and if I want something richer, the frozen custard at Culver's is perfect for me. A little goes a long way!

        2. I wouldn't go out of my way for either, but at least they don't sing at maggie moo's!

          1. I have been to both. Never a fan of Cold Stone or Marble Slab. Magge Moo's is v.v. good, but I have still had better. Yes, ask her to try the new place.