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May 30, 2007 03:55 PM

Tourist Food With Adolescents

We will be taking 70 8th grade students to Manhattan for their class trip in two weeks. It turns out that we need to find food for them at 10-11 PM on a Monday night after visiting Rockerfeller Center. We had discussed taking them to Bamn!, but the Village is a bit far. Any suggestions for a group of very sheltered 14 year-olds from New Hampshire to eat at that time of night that isn't too far a drive with grumpy bus drivers?

Thanks in advance,

A Very Tired Teacher

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  1. How about John's Pizzeria in Time Square? Very close to Rockefeller Center, and reasonably priced. It's a good introduction to New York pizza for kids. And what kid doesn't love pizza?

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      Agree that John's in Times Square is your answer

    2. Considering the size of the group, you might consider one of the theme restaurants in the Times Square area...Hard Rock Cafe, etc...

      1. Wu Liang Ye, a Szechuan Chinese restaurant, is right on W. 48th street, in Rockefeller Center area. Much better food and much more convenient than the chains suggested below. Just not sure how late it is open. Also it's not a huge place, but they can accomodate 70, especially at that hour on a Monday night I'd think.
        The food is delicious and not expensive-enough familiar stuff to be not off putting, and enough 'exotic' stuff to be interesting to kids from out of town.

        1. Ellen's Stardust Diner, on the corner of B'way & 50th St., is a short walk from Rock Center. I think your teens would enjoy the retro-50's ambiance. Open until midnight, so no problem there. They should be able to handle a crowd yous size, and they offer group packages.

          Carmine's, on 44th St., b/t B'way & 8th Av., is definitely a good place for large groups. Italian food served family-style. Private room that can easily seat 70. Open until 11 p.m. on Mondays.

          1. We took a large group of H.S. students to Stout (near Madison Square Garden area) for a holiday luncheon before a show. They have a lovely private room, check to see if it accomodates 70. It should serve late because there is a fairly large pub in the front of the house. Not sure what our headcount was, but we were a pretty large group. Pre-selected food menu was okay, service was very good. We have also taken students to Hard Rock Cafe. They like it, it's touristy and locals would not go there. RGR's suggestion re: Carmine's is a good one. Carmine's is great for groups, food is very good.

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              I also recommend Carmine's and think the food is a lot better than what you'll find in other tourists spots like the Olive Garden or the Hard Rock Cafe.