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May 30, 2007 03:47 PM


Why is it that there is nowhere that pours a good pint of guinness in the east bay? Many bars across the bay know how to do it, but I can't think of one in Oakland/Berkeley. And don't tell me Cato's. Anybody know where to point me in the right direction?

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  1. I've never had Guinness in Ireland (part of the reason I don't *get* Guiness, I guess), but Beckett's on Shattuck in Berkeley has Guiness on tap, and they pour it slow. Though personally, I usually opt for the draft Chimay.

    1. Not sure what your criteria are, but I've written my initials in the foam at Albatross Pub to keep track of whose was whose while playing darts. Can't remember if the temperature was right.

      I think I was happy with Beckett's.

      1. Maybe I'm just too old, but I first tasted Guinness in the early 70s and it just don't taste like it used to, no matter who pours it. It's all watery now. The direction to point you is East, like to Ireland. Bring some back for the rest of us.

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          I have always liked the Guinness at Barclay's on College.

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            I definitely second Barcaly's on College Ave for a good pint of Guiness.

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            Pouring Guinness correctly in The States is not very popular because of the time involved to do so. The Guinness poured in The States almost never has the correct nitrogen mix. I spend most of my time in Europe, and I have had visiting American friends get annoyed because it may take ten or twenty minutes to pour a pint correctly. Americans want it RIGHT NOW DAMMIT!

          3. Ben 'n Nicks on College Avenue near the Rockridge Bart station has Guinness--as well as a good assortment of other beers like Boddington's and hand-pulled artisan beers. Also, McNally's just up the road on College has Guinness--and plenty of hole-in-the-wall charm. There's darts, an ancient foosball table and an honest to goodness fireplace, often blazing. The bar *looks* like a church (painted lurid green) apparently because it was a speakeasy during prohibition. How can you not love drinking your pint 'o the black in there? Cheers.

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              McNally's!! forgot about that one

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                Ben 'n Nicks is basically another branch of Cato's.

              2. Lenny, what is your criteria for a good pint? And where are you not finding it?