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May 30, 2007 03:42 PM

Looking for the locals favs..the really good stuff

I am a restaurant manager from NYC.. recently moved to DC for a job. I know of course the obvious good places that have had a lot of press (Komi, Restaurant Eve,Citronelle, Jose Andres' places, Central.. etc) But... I'm looking for the hard to find- cheapish eats that are still unbelievably delicious..and I really want the good stuff....not the ah.. it's ok stuff... I'm living in Captiol Hill.... where's the best brunch? Sushi? Mom and Pop? Pizza? Anybody have a fav?

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  1. Near the Potomac Ave. Metro, Mangialardo's is a small Italian deli with great subs in the $6 range. Depending on how liberally your landlord has extended the definition of "Capitol Hill," this could even be right around the corner from you.

    1. French on the hill: Montemarte
      Sushi: Sushi Taro, DuPont Circle area (not super cheapish, but amazing quality)
      Brunch: Tons of them all over the place. Want vegan biker brunch? Go to Asylum in Adams Morgan. Want upscale brunch? Tabard Inn. Oysters with that brunch? Seems like Hank's would be your place.
      Italian: Dino
      Pizza: Doesn't exist in DC to a level I'd reccomend anyone. Including 2 Amys.
      Have a car? Get ye to the Italian Store for a sandwich.

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        Vace in Cleveland Park for decent carry-out pizza. Subs are good, too. Go next door to Nam Viet for an excellent Vietnamese lunch, particularly the garden rolls and soups.

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          Second Nam Viet - and their soups (everything really). The sweet and spicy salmon soup is phenomenal. Also, the curried squid (last page of menu) is by FAR the best I've ever had. Jamie D helped me realize they had pumpkin or squash to the sauce.

          Give CF Folks a try for lunch - my new favorite lunch place when I'm downtown.

          Cross the river to Arlington and get a chorizo taco from El Charrito Caminante. Pepito's in Adams Morgan is also good mexican - the tortas are the standout there.

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            Also, add the steak and cheese sub at Mario's in Arlington.

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              Get Lefty (he works days) to make you a steak and cheese with peppers and sauce. Fabulous. The pizza is ok, it used to be better -- but Lefty has been there since I was in high school in Arlington, and I never go home without lunch at Mario's!

              1. re: PatBastrop

                The Lefty Special with peppers for me. Lefty is still the king.

        2. The $20.07 fixed price lunch at Charlie Palmer should make your list.

          1. It may not be NYC quality pizza, but it's not bad for $3.75! Alberto's Pizza on P St. off Dupont has slices the size of my HEAD. I had the veggie last time and the one slice was enough for both my husband and myself. It's fun to get a slice and go sit in the park at Dupont.

            Mixtec in Adams Morgan is good, super cheap Mexican food.

            Have fun exploring!

            ETA: pic of Alberto's pizza slice

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            1. re: MPJ

              Yech. Albertos is just big. Not good, just big.

              1. re: jpschust

                I have to agree. I saw that huge bigger-than-my-head slice and was very excited. Until I ate it. Meh.

                1. re: jpschust

                  Yea...Alberto's is crap. A new pizza place called Goody's ( just opened up stairs from Alberto's where the DC Hot sandwich shop used to be. Their pizza is 100x better and they always have interesting pies fresh made. Also, if you order a pre-made slice have them pop it in the oven to heat it up.

                  1. re: idburns

                    I stand corrected. LOL Coming from Santa Barbara (with NO decent pizza), I guess I was excited at the first thing I ate.

                    LOVE this thread. Great recommendations!

                2. re: MPJ

                  I have to disagree about Alberto's. The pizza slice is large, but often cold. And its always slathered in orgegano. Pizza Paradiso is much better.

                  1. re: MPJ

                    I have to disagree with rest of the replies. Their veggie pizza is the only veggie I can eat without feeling like I've disgraced my omnivore ancestors. Unlike other pizza places, grease isn't swimming on top of the pizza and the crispy thin crust is awesome. Unfortunately, Alberto's on Dupont is closed for now due to fire. You'll just have to judge for yourself later.

                  2. The burger at Palena, Sakana Tempura roll at Sakana on P St., grilled cheese at Stoney's, brunch at Bistro Bis, dinner in the outdoor courtyard at Tabard Inn, anything at Hank's Oyster Bar, the roast chicken at Creme, the happy hour special at Taberna. Just a few ideas that haven't been mentioned yet.